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Psychology: Cultural Psychology (track)

Application and admission

Cultural Psychology

  • 1. Check deadlines

    Apply between 10 October 2018 and 1 March 2019 (for enrolment in September 2019)

    It may take a couple of days to complete all steps of the application procedure, so make sure to start your application well in time. 

    Note: you may apply before finishing your Bachelor's programme. However, you must obtain your Bachelor's degree and show us a valid proof of graduation by 31 August 2019.

  • 2. Check entry requirements

    In order to apply, you should have an academic Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or another closely related field. An undergraduate degree programme with an applied emphasis (Dutch: HBO Bachelor) is not equivalent to an academic Bachelor’s degree. Please refer to all information on this page to determine whether you are eligible:

    Basic requirements

    All Psychology Master's candidates are expected to meet the following basic requirements:

    • ≥5 EC Basic knowledge of Psychology
    • ≥24 EC Methods and Statistics courses in Psychology or Social Sciences of which ≥21 EC on quantitative research
    • ≥9 EC Empirical research project (demonstrating your writing & research skills) on a Psychological or related Social Science.

    You will automatically meet the basic requirements if you will finish (or have already finished) a bachelor’s programme in

    • Psychology at a Dutch university
    • Hogeschool van Amsterdam Kwalificatieprogramma
    • Algemene Sociale Wetenschappen at the UvA
    • PPLE (majoring in Psychology) at the UvA
    • Bèta Gamma (majoring in Psychology) at the UvA 

    If you finish (or have already finished) Psychobiologie at the UvA you automatically meet basic requirement 1+2. Concerning basic requirement 3: you do not need to show you finished a 9 ec empirical research project, you only have to show the subject was related to Psychology. 

    Track-specific requirements

    In order to apply for the Master's track Cultural Psychology, you should meet the following track-specific requirements in addition to the basic requirements:

    • Knowledge of Cultural Psychology (≥ 6 ec level 2)
      Comparable to Introduction to Cultural Psychology
    • Advanced knowledge in any field of Psychology (≥ 12 ec on level 2/3)

    See details about track-specific requirements

    Pre-Master's programme

    In case you do not meet all the basic requirements for the track of you choice, you are not eligible for a pre-Master's programme.

    In case you do not meet all the track-specific requirements for the track of your choice, you may be eligible for a pre-Master's programme.

    Selection procedure

    The Psychology Master’s is a selective programme. In case the number of candidates exceeds the number of places in the programme, students will be ranked based on their study results and motivation; admission will be decided by drawing lots for equally ranked candidates. Eligible students who are not alloted a place in the programme will be put on a waiting list in case a place becomes available later on.

    Additional information

    Information for applicants with a non-Dutch undergraduate degree

    More information

    Information for HBO students

    More information

  • 3. Submit enrolment application in Studielink


    Before you can apply to the UvA, you will need to submit an enrolment application in Studielink. Studielink is the national online system for students who would like to pursue a degree programme at a Dutch university.

    Check your DigiD (before starting in Studielink)

    A DigiD (Digital Identification) is an online ID (username and password) that provides access to government administration websites.

    • Students who do not live in the Netherlands can use Studielink without a DigiD.
    • Students who currently live in the Netherlands will need their DigiD to use Studielink. We strongly recommend you to apply for your DigiD at least three weeks before registering in Studielink.

    Choose your programme

    When submitting your enrolment application, choose 'WO Master' Psychology. You will be able to choose the Master's track of your choice in step 4.

    Read the step-by-step guide to Studielink

    Before starting your enrolment application in Studielink, read the 'Step-by-step guide to Studielink'. 

    Step-by-step guide to Studielink
  • 4. Activate your UvAnetID

    After submitting your enrolment application in Studielink, you will receive an email with your UvAnetID. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your ID as you will need it to complete your UvA application.

  • 5. Submit your UvA application form

    After you have registered in Studielink, you will receive an email (within a few days) from the Central Student Administration with a link to our online application system: MyInfo. This is where you will submit your application to the University of Amsterdam. During your application via MyInfo you will be asked to upload documents, see 6 ‘upload required documents’.

  • 7. Wait for admissions decision

    All applications are evaluated after the application deadline. For the admissions round of September 2019 you will receive the outcome around mid-May 2019.

  • 8. Accept/decline offer

    Should you get admitted to the programme, you will be asked to accept or decline the offer before a certain deadline. It is important to inform us about your decision so we can approach waitlisted candidates.

  • 10. Attend introduction day

    There will be several introduction events during the second half of August. Admitted students will receive more information in due time.

  • 11. Request student ID card

    A student ID card is a personal card which serves as proof of identity for examinations or borrowing library books. You will receive instructions on how to request your student ID card.