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Study programme

Psychology: Development and Health Psychology

Important health problems

In this Master's programme, content domains will be addressed covering four of the most important health problems in our society today:

  • Sex and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Addiction
  • Stress
  • Obesity

Course Catalogue

In the Course Catalogue you can find a description of the contents of the programme and the description of the individual courses.

Development and Health - Psychology - sexually transmitted diseases

Practical workshops

Practical workshops will be offered at the start of each content domain: Students will learn (1) intervention mapping, a protocol for developing effective behavior change interventions, and (2) statistics/methods to analyze changes in health behavior.

Students will also attain hands-on experience with (3) programming online interventions, and will be given training in  (4) motivational interviewing,  which is an important evidence-based method to motivate behavior change.

Problem-Based Learning

In this Master's track, the highly interactive education model Problem-Based Learning (PBL) will be used, which will develop skills important in your career such as knowledge acquisition, assertiveness, problem-solving,  communication and group collaboration.


In all topics a multidisciplinary approach is taken, highlighting biological, psychological and social dimensions. In addition, a developmental perspective is taken, as behavior changes over the lifespan. Finally, practical/societal problems and consequences are discussed.

At the end of this Master's track, students will be able to:

  • approach practical health problems based on state-of-the-art theory and methods
  • design, execute and evaluate theory-driven intervention programs  (e.g., e-health)


As this is not a clinical Master’s track, completing it does not qualify you for clinical certification in the form of a Basisaantekening Psychodiagnostiek (Basic Qualification in Psychodiagnostics, a certificate issued by Dutch Institute for Psychologists) or a GZ-aantekening