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Career prospects

Psychology (Research MSc)

Alumni from this master are eligible to pursue a career as researcher at the university or other organizations. About 60% of the graduates decide to pursue a PhD programme in the Netherlands or abroad, and work towards a doctorate in disciplines that are directly related to this research programme.

Graduates are also well qualified for a career in scientific research in other organizations such as companies, (semi-)governmental organizations, or in organizations for psychological or physical health.

Some alumni aspire an academic career and become PhD students, postdocs, (assistant/associate) professors. Others become researchers or teachers outside academia. Our alumni work in a whole range of jobs and organizations: consultant (HR or business), software developer, data analyst, programme manager, curriculum and instruction developer, trainer, coach, market researcher, policy maker, et cetera. Alumni who have obtained the clinical registrations are often employed as clinicians in therapy and treatment.

The majority of our students find employment in or related to their field within one year after graduation. Alumni mention that the thorough training in research methods and techniques, scientific writing and the two research projects, have provided them the skills to make a good start on the job market.