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Student ambassadors

Results: 1 - 7 of 7
Results: 1 - 7 of 7
  • Anna (PhD student at UvA, German, 24)

    After looking at various Master programmes at different universities, the research Master programme at the UvA provided me with the best opportunity to choose the topics and courses that really fit my interests and abilities.

  • Fleur (Dutch, 22)

    When I first heard of the programme I got very enthusiastic and it has lived up to my expectations so far. It is hard work but this work definitely pays off and this master offers me a lot of opportunities.

  • Gusta (Dutch, 23)

    During my bachelor at the UvA, I became especially interested in two areas of Psychology and I am happy I can combine them in the major and minor structure of the Research Master. I also prefer studying two years in my Master (instead of only ...

  • Lennart (Dutch, 26)

    I've found the most surprising feature from student life at the UvA in the Research Master: students were dissatisfied when they passed with 'only' a 7. And although the strive to obtain the highest grades exists, students are not driven by ...

  • Renee (Dutch, 22)

    What I like so much about the Research Master’s Programme Psychology at the UvA is that you are very free to choose topics of interest and plan your own studies, have a lot of opportunities to gain experience in working with researchers and are ...

  • Sanne (Dutch, 21)

    My major is clinical and my minor developmental. I chose to do this research master because it gives me the great opportunity to combine research with gaining clinical experience.

  • Ting-Yat (Chinese/Hong Kong, 26)

    I chose the research Master programme in Psychology offered by the UvA because it has a very unique major-minor structure, allowing me to study and work in a cross-disciplinary environment. This is an advantage over other universities; it helps ...