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What our students say

Results: 1 - 10 of 10
Results: 1 - 10 of 10
  • Floor Nelissen (bachelor in Neuroscience)

    Describing a ‘regular’ week of the research master Brain and Cognitive Sciences is almost impossible: because of the large freedom to choose your own path, the program is unique for everyone.

  • Lilian Emming (bachelor in Psychology)

    I started this master in September 2017. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a research minor in ‘Genes, Brain and Behavior’ at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. I was attracted by the interdisciplinarity of this master’s ...

  • Steven Voges (bachelor Psychology with Neuroscience)

    I started the master’s programme in 2017. I receieved my bachelor’s degree at the University of Sussex where I studied Psychology with Neuroscience. Although most of my classes were psychology based I completed my final bachelor’s project in a ...

  • Lola Beerendonk (bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences)

    'I started the Research Master Brain and Cognitive Sciences in 2015. Right before that, I had graduated from the interdisciplinary Natural and Social Sciences Bachelor (Bèta-Gamma), also at the University of Amsterdam.'

  • Doris Dijksterhuis (bachelor in Psychobiology)

    I started the master in 2016. I started with the bachelor psychobiology, also at the UvA. It was a good choice, because I enjoyed it very much and it lead me to this master!

  • Gert-Jan Munneke (bachelor in Experimental Psychology)

    `The interdisciplinary approach really helps in broadening your horizon'.

  • Jakob Andree (background in Cognitive Sciences)

    'As a student you have the opportunity to daily interact with experts within various areas of inquiry and get to tap into their knowledge as part of your studies'.

  • Leo van Brussel (bachelor in Philosophy and Dutch Language and Culture)

    Somewhere around January, I had a difficult conversation with my study advisor. I was at the verge of completing two bachelors – Philosophy and Dutch Language and Culture – but I had absolutely no clue what to do once I would have completed them...

  • Annemarie Horn (bachelor in Psychobiology)

    After finishing my bachelors in Psychobiology I wasn’t sure how to continue my academic career. I’d come across many different things I liked, but wasn’t able to choose one of them. I decided to apply for the master Brain and Cognitive Sciences, ...

  • Marieke Woensdregt (bachelor in Psychobiology and Language and Culture)

    'Not one day have I regretted my choice for the master Brain & Cognitive Sciences, and this is not just because it suits my personal interests very well, but also because it has a lot of more general advantages.'