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Master Conflict Resolution and Governance

Study programme

Conflict Resolution and Governance (MSc)

Programme outline

This programme starts in September. Fulfilling the requirements should take one year of full-time study.

The curriculum consists of

  • the specialisation module (12 EC)
  • one core course (9 EC)
  • one elective (9 EC)
  • the CRG research project (30 EC).

The research project consists of seminar fieldwork, primary and secondary research and a written thesis. 


The final Master's thesis is a report on research carried out by the student as part of the research project. The thesis should be between 20,000 and 25,000 words long.

Degree requirements 

The Master of Science in Conflict Resolution and Governance degree is awarded upon successful completion of both the course requirements and a written Master's thesis (totally 60 EC). 

Detailed course information

The complete description of all courses in this programme can be found in the online UvA Course Catalogue.

UvA Course Catalogue - Master's programme Conflict Resolution and Governance