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Alumni views

Results: 1 - 5 of 5
Results: 1 - 5 of 5
  • Andrea Teftedarija
    Andrea Teftedarija: 'My career is like a box of chocolates'

    Andrea Teftedarija, graduated in Political Science: International Relations in 2007.

  • FMG Politicologie - Frank Reniers
    Frank Reniers: 'Working amid competing forces'

    Frank Reniers graduated in Political Sciences in 2007

  • FMG Politicologie - Internationale Betrekkingen - Robin Pistorius
    Robin Pistorius: 'We do well to take life as it comes'

    Robin Pistorius graduated in Economic and Social History in 1990 and conferred a doctorate (PhD) in Political Science (International Relations) in1999

  • FMG Politicologie - Internationale Betrekkingen - Taco de Ruiter
    Taco de Ruiter: 'I keep an overview of the playing field'

    Taco de Ruiter graduated in Political Science: International Relations in 2013

  • FMG Political Science - International Relations - Wessel Catshoek
    Wessel Catshoek: 'Get a work placement overseas and work your way up the ladder!'

    Wessel Catshoek graduated in Political Science (Bachelor 's) in 2007 and Political Science:International Relations (Master 's) in 2008.