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Sociology: Cultural Sociology (track)

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Sociology: Cultural Sociology

Rob de Witte
Rob de Witte


'I love Amsterdam, and the University of Amsterdam equally. The knowledge and teaching capabilities of the teaching staff Cultural Sociology keep the programme challenging. The contact with other students as well as the teachers themselves is informal and pleasant, while, equally important, serious and academic.'  - Rob de Witte

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FMG Sociology: Cultural Sociology - portret Don Weenink
Don Weenink

Academic staff 

‘Culture is everywhere, in all human societies, ranging from small groups to global networks. Through culture, humans give meaning to their lives and the world around them. Culture binds people together. But culture also separates people from one another. In the Cultural Sociology programme, our researchers share their interests and insights so that students gain a deeper understanding of society by analysing culture.'- Don Weenink

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SBS International

Study associations 

To meet fellow students and take part in social and study-related activities, you can become a member of a study associoation, join events organised by SBS International or Amsterdam United or visit the UvA's Sports Centre or CREA.

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