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Sociology: Social Problems and Social Policy (track)

Meet the people

Sociology: Social Problems and Social Policy

Anne Marit Popma – Alumna Sociology: Social and Problems Social Policy (2015/2016)

Embrace the freedom the programme gives you

At the start of the programme, I also became a member of the Programme Committee (the OC). Here, I saw that teachers and staff attach great value to the input of students. Quality of the programme is not seen as rigid, but instead, teachers and staff believe it is something you have to keep striving for, and for which the opinions of students are of high importance.

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Stephanie Welvaart
Stephanie Welvaart


'Although there were a lot of differences between students and their educational and theoretical backgrounds, the selection of courses, I believe, gave the students the opportunity to brush up with the theoretical knowledge needed.' - Stephanie Welvaart

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Marguerite van den Berg

Academic staff

dr. M.A. (Marguerite) van den Berg is the Track Coordinator of Social Problems and Social Policy.

dr. M.A. (Marguerite) van den Berg has a number of research interests in and around sociology and gender. She is interested in the urban, gender and work. In particular, her current work focuses on precarization and precarity. In Spring 2017 she published Gender in the Post-Fordist Urban – The Gender Revolution in Planning and Public Policy (Palgrave Macmillan 2017).

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SBS International

Study associations 

To meet fellow students and take part in social and study-related activities, you can become a member of a study associoation, join events organised by SBS International or Amsterdam United or visit the UvA's Sports Centre or CREA.

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