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Sociology: Urban Sociology

'The seminar is small and personal and you’ll be in a room full of people who share many common interests'

Manuel Crain
Manuel Crain. Photo: Marte van Liere.

'You will meet professors with a high dedication who prepare excellent outlines and who will accompany you throughout the whole year. You’ll only have a few courses, which gives you time and space to profoundly engage in a certain topic. And most importantly, the students in your seminar share a common background and the courses are small, so you’ll be able to quickly make friends.' - Manuel Crain

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'The atmosphere between the students and the lectures was very friendly and you get great support from the whole staff of GSSS' 

FMG Sociology: Urban Sociology - portret Andreas Marx
Andreas Marx. Photo: Nicole Thijssens.

'I decided to come to Amsterdam, because the Graduate School of Social Sciences at the UvA is one of the best and well-known social sciences institutes in Europe and I got the chance to work and study with colleagues from all around the world and becoming friends with many of them. The lectures are also international and previously worked at universities in Boston, Los Angeles, Paris or St Petersburg.' - Andreas Marx

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