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De Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS) is located at the Amsterdam Roeterseiland Campus. Here class rooms, the Library Learning Centre, the restaurant en de study associations are within reach.

Amsterdam Roeterseilandcampus 

Take a look at this video for a tour around the campus.

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The Roeterseiland Campus is an open city campus in the lively, green Plantagebuurt district at the edge of Amsterdam's city centre. This campus brings together the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Behavioural and Social Sciences, Economics and Business and Law and provides students with an inspiring study environment that offers high-quality educational facilities.

There are also advanced research facilities like cubicles and various labs such as the eyetracking lab, the fMRI lab and the Baby lab.


CREA, the University of Amsterdam's student cultural centre, can also be found on this campus. CREA offers courses, theatre productions and a place to meet up with fellow students – the CREA Café. The campus and surrounds are also home to many shops, cafés and small restaurants, as well as cultural venues such as the Kriterion cinema, Artis Zoo and Amsterdam's Tropenmuseum.