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Master Urban and Regional Planning


Urban and Regional Planning (Msc)

Amanda Eyer
Amanda Eyer. Photo: Marte van Liere

'My decision to study Urban and Regional Planning at the UvA was rather circumstantial.'

Initially, I was attracted to Amsterdam, on the one hand, for its pleasant and diverse scenery, and, on the other, for its bicycle culture. Only later did I realize that the Dutch have a long history in planning; indeed, the Netherlands as a whole is an engineered system. Coming from the seemingly untamed landscapes of Switzerland, this idea strikes me as unique.' Read Amanda Eyer's story about Urban and Regional Planning.

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FMG - Urban and Regional Planning - Stephanie Richards
Stephanie Richards

'Coming from the UK where the Netherlands - and in particular Amsterdam- is heralded as a planning ideal, every day is like ‘living the case study’.

But what I came to realise is that this ideal is fiction; every place suffers from its own successes and challenges, but the process of learning what works, what doesn’t and why, is as valuable an asset. UvA provides the space to develop this realistic, though still always a little ideologically driven, perspective of planning in the real world. Read what Stephanie tells about Urban and Regional Planning.

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