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Application and admission

Cultural and Social Anthropology: Visual Anthropology (track)

Please note that the specialisation Visual anthropology only starts in February – and that application is not yet open!

Please note that the application for the Visual Anthropology track of the Master Cultural and Social Anthropology starting in February 2021 is not yet open for registration in Studielink. Therefore, it is not yet possible to register for this track now. Please keep an eye on our website, where we will provide the updated information on the application procedure as soon as possible. For this track the same level of knowledge regarding Anthropological Theory and research methodology is required as for the Master generally. For these entry requirements that apply in full, please check the entry requirements here.  Do bear in mind that it does not make sense to apply for the Master Cultural and Social Anthropology,  if you wish to be admitted to the Visual Anthropology track.

Below you can check the extra requirements that apply if you wish to be admitted to the Visual Anthropology track.

Extra requirements

To participate in this specialisation, there are extra requirements that concern only Visual Anthropology that students need to meet:

  1. You have received formal training or can substantiate thorough practical knowledge in filming and editing. In order to assess your level of competence, the Assessment Committee may ask you to submit an audio-visual project that you have completed (video or portfolio with photographs).
  2. Specify your plans for an idea or project.
  3. You have sufficient knowledge of the current debates in/on visual anthropology (at least 2 courses) in the field of Visual Anthropology during the bachelor’s programme at the UvA or at another university. Students who have an alternative training (for example in visual arts), or feel they have acquired the relevant knowledge in other ways are also welcome to apply, but need to argue what their self-assessment is based on.
  4. You are in possession of a camera and audio equipment (camcorder, dslr, videorecorder) to work with during the fieldwork.
  5. It is important to realize that this is a high intensity track, which requires full-time involvement. It does not allow for many other activities on the side.