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Research Master Urban Studies

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Urban Studies

Beatriz Pineda Revilla
Beatriz Pineda Revilla. Photo: Luis Monteiro


'The different nationalities and backgrounds of the students guarantee enriching discussions that reshape and spark new research interests among the students. This learning environment encourages students to choose a research topic that they are passionate about. This personal motivation, together with the dedicated and supportive guidance by the UvA professors, lead the students into the second year of the programme, which is mainly dedicated to conducting research. Having a comparative approach and international orientation, the Research Master's Urban Studies offers the opportunity to conduct fieldwork abroad while studying a semester at renowned universities all over the world.' - Beatriz Pineda Revilla

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Richard Ronald
Richard Ronald

Academic staff

'The Research Master's in Urban Studies is highly research-oriented. The programme contains more methodology courses and the final research project is a much bigger component than in regular Master's programmes. In our programme, students learn about cities and global urban change and study the opportunities and challenges this produces. They do this from a multidisciplinary perspective, including urban and economic geography, urban and regional planning, and urban sociology.

An important theme throughout the programme is the international comparison of critical urban phenomena. Therefore, students study a semester abroad and write their thesis or article based on fieldwork conducted in two cities, including one abroad.

We select about 20-25 students per year and teach in small group, enabling highly interactive and, in-depth learning and easy communication between students and staff. We search for students with a strong interest in doing research and full of new and innovative idea, therefore our selection criteria go beyond grade only.' - Prof. Richard Ronald

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To meet fellow students and take part in social and study-related activities, you can become a member of a study association, join events organised by SBS International or Amsterdam United or visit the UvA's Sports Centre or CREA.

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