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Research Master Urban Studies


Urban Studies

'The learning environment of Urban Studies encourages students to choose a research topic that they are passionate about.' 

Beatriz Pineda Revilla
Beatriz Pineda Revilla. Photo: Luis Monteiro

'The different nationalities and backgrounds of the students guarantee enriching discussions that reshape and spark new research interests among the students. This learning environment encourages students to choose a research topic that they are passionate about. This personal motivation, together with the dedicated and supportive guidance by the UvA professors, lead the students into the second year of the programme, which is mainly dedicated to conducting research. Having a comparative approach and international orientation, RMUS offers the opportunity to conduct fieldwork abroad while studying a semester at renowned universities all over the world.' - Beatriz Pineda Revilla

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'I was particularly struck by the warm and welcoming demeanor of UvA faculty members, the very same demeanor and enthusiasm I came to experience at the Graduate School when I came to Amsterdam.'

'It is a thorough multi-disciplinary programme with strong foundations in urban theory as well as research methodology. Furthermore, it is a highly selective programme which brings together versatile, well-qualified and motivated students from round the globe in order to engage in an academically rigorous and yet friendly environment and prepare for succeeding in doctoral level curriculum.' - Donya Ahmadi

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'Since the programme is highly-selective, every single student is well-motivated which results in lively discussions during the seminars'

'One of the other things that highly appealed to me was the diversity of academic fields that fall under the heading of Urban Studies. Apart from the cultural and ethnic mix within our group, we also all had diverse academic backgrounds, including sociology, urban planning and political science.' - Jorn Koelemaij

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