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QuSoft, the new Dutch research center for quantum software, has awarded two junior research positions. After an internal call, the proposals were evaluated by an expert jury who selected the best two proposals.


The first, which will be supervised by Jasper van Wezel, is a PhD position devoted to the analysis of collective qubit dynamics. The main research question that will be targeted is “How can unintended collective processes, emerging spontaneously in many-qubit quantum computations, be recognized or avoided?” The second project, which will be executed by a post-doctoral fellow supervised by Erik van Heumen, is entitled "Quantum Information for Quantum Matter." An important goal is to apply ideas from quantum information to current experimental problems in research on quantum matter, for instance by the experimental verification of a proposed relation between quantum Fisher information and optical properties of quantum matter.

QuSoft was recently launched by CWI, UvA and VU. Its mission is to develop new protocols, algorithms and applications that can be run on small and medium-sized prototypes of a quantum computer.