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Society today asks for a new generation of academics who can direct and reflect on their own learning process and development. This requires the innovation of assessment designs that continuously drive student learning. This workshop will serve as a foothold to empower students to be independent self-assessors, not just during their academic education but as long-life learners.

Event details of Online workshop Meaningful Assessment
Date 23 November 2021
Time 15:30 -17:00

This workshop gives you, as a university lecturer, a kick-start when you want to change your assessment practice. We will start by presenting the five building blocks for meaningful assessment: assessment with the right purpose in mind, powerful feedback, alignment with pedagogical beliefs, alignment with learning outcomes and authentic assessment tasks.

In the second part of the workshop, we will discuss opportunities to make your own assessment practice more authentic, how to provide your students with powerful feedback and how to let students take the lead in their own learning process.


The workshop Meaningful Assessment is free of charge. Please pre-register for this online workshop by completing the form below. After you have registered, the link to the workshop will be sent to your email address.

About the workshop organisers

Linda de Greef is Programme Manager at the Education Lab of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) of the University of Amsterdam. Ilja Boor is project leader of Educational Innovation at the curriculum level at the IIS, co-project leader of the Visible Learning Trajectories programme at the UvA Teaching and Learning Centre and trainer of the UvA Senior Teaching Qualification programme.

Together with Debby Gerritsen and Jessica Rodermans, they are the authors of the handbook Meaningful Assessment in Interdisciplinary Education: a practical handbook for university lecturers, which highlights 20 examples from higher education, written for all educators who want to use innovative ways of assessing skills such as integration, collaboration, reflection and critical thinking. Meaningful Assessment in Interdisciplinary Education is available at all major (online) bookstores and can be ordered at Amsterdam University Press.