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Social Sciences

Exchange Semester Research Master Urban Studies and Comparative Organisation and Labour Studies

Research Master Urban Studies

Students in the Research Master Urban Studies spend the first semester of their second year at one of our partner universities. In order to arrange your exchange in a proper way an early orientation on possibilities and destinatons is necessary. Therefore early in your first year  an information meeting is organised.

The compulsory study abroad semester serves two purposes: students are expected to take their electives worth a minimum of 18 EC at the partner institution and conduct their compulsory fieldwork (first case study, worth 12 EC) in the city or region. Guidance  from the partner university during the fieldwork is in most cases provided, but not guaranteed. Students choose their destination based on their research interests, the courses offered, and their language capacity.

Below you find an overview of the exchange destinations 2020-2021. The universities listed  are the universities we have agreements with in the field of Urban Studies. It isn't possible to go on exchange to a university not listed.

RMUS Factsheets

In the document below you can find factsheets of most of the partner universities of the Research Master Urban Studies. 

Comparative Organisation and Labour Studies

The MSc Sociology-Comparative Organisation and Labour Studies participates in the EMLS (European Master in Labour Studies). This is a network intending to educate new professionals who plan to make their career in the fields of work and employment, industrial relations or human resource management. The curriculum of the programme has been jointly developed and each partner is engaged in developing research collaboration.

 The partner institutions agree each year on the number of students to be hosted by the partner institutions in the following year. This means that not all destinations are available each academic year, as a balance needs to be achieved.

Here you find the list of all partner universities in the EMLS network