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The Emergent Mind

The Emergent Mind

The topic of the 2019 ABC Summer School is “The Emergent Mind” and will take place from 17 June until 27 June 2019 in Amsterdam.


The brain is one of the most complex structures we've ever tried to understand. It consists of 86 billion interconnected neurons that somehow conspire to bring about our mental lives. They do so by forming networks at various scales: local neural networks are themselves part of larger constellations that in turn form interconnected regions that constitute the brain. The result is a complex, dynamic system that has global properties which cannot be reduced to the properties of its building blocks.

In the ABC Summer School  "The Emergent Mind", we will introduce the complex systems approach to study mind and brain. We will take an interdisciplinary journey along neural networks, mental processes and the molecular machinery of the neuron, to see how concepts like 'emergence', 'resilience' and 'complex adaptive systems' can be used across the disciplines that span brain and cognitive sciences.

Programme dates:

17-27 June 2019

Application deadline 17 May 2019

The ABC Summer School “The Emergent Mind” includes:

  • Master Classes from renowned experts in the field
  • Guidance by a designated tutor in performing a small research project
  • International symposium:
  • Lecture from the Visiting Honorary Chair
  • Socials, including an opportunity to meet the Visiting Honorary Chair personally
  • 4 EC after completion of the Summer School

Student profile

The ABC Summer School is open to Master's students and PhD candidates in fields relating to cognitive (neuros)science, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, cognitive science, etc.


The ABC Summer School is an annual event organized by the interdisciplinary Research Master's Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

Costs and application

For information about tuition, costs and the application procedure, please navigate to the menu left to the titel The Emergent Mind.

The Emergent Mind
Mode Short-term
Credits 4 ECTS, 2 weeks
Language of instruction English
Starts in June