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Centre for Urban Mental Health

Get involved with Urban Mental Health

The Centre for Urban Mental Health fosters links with potential knowledge users and stakeholders, involved in the design of the research questions. The connection of scientific results to the practice is translated in a knowledge user platform (KUP). Target KUP members currently include: Network Effective Youth Care (NEJA) in Amsterdam, the Sarphati Amsterdam, the public health service of Amsterdam (GGD), AMC and the largest mental health care center, Arkin. The platform features input from urban knowledge institutes.

Join us

New potential partner organisation wishing to join the network are welcome, contacts can be established with the Principal Investigators.

Annual expert meetings

The goals of the expert meeting are:

  • to enhance our scientific network and to build up(inter)national collaborations and contacts with Urban Mental Health researchers,
  • to discuss theoretical and practical knowledge about Urban Mental Health and, importantly
  • to stimulate the development of the PhD candidates and young scholars in Urban Mental Health by providing them with an opportunity to learn from top scholars.