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24 March 2021 - Modeling cognitive and behavioral changes associated with mental health

26 May 2021 - Exploring trajectories of comorbid depression and physical health

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  • Neighbourhood social cohesion webinar and animation published

    Josefien Breedvelt, assistant director at the Centre for Urban mental Health recently joined an expert panel to present her results for the systematic review on neighbourhood social cohesion in a webinar organised by the Mental Elf and the Wellcome Trust Mental Health Priority Area. The webinar can be found below.

    The animation below, developed together with Design Science, shows our key findings.

Effective digital mental health more necessary than ever during COVID-19 pandemic

Press release University of Amsterdam, 31 August 2020

  • UMH funded by Wellcome Trust

    We’ve been funded by Wellcome Trust to advance science so that no one is held back by mental health problems

    8 June 2020

    We are excited to announce that the Centre for Urban Mental Health and the Amsterdam University Medical Centre at the University of Amsterdam are one of a select number of teams funded by Wellcome Trust to review the evidence on which aspects of interventions really make a difference in preventing and treating youth anxiety and depression. Each commissioned team will review the evidence for one active ingredient.

    The active ingredients are diverse and cover the range of options, from improving gut microbiome function to increasing financial resources via cash transfer, from the use of antidepressants to increased self-compassion.

    Our team will look at neighbourhood cohesion, the extent of connectedness within communities in which young people grow up, especially in an urban environment. During the commission, we will be reviewing the available evidence to present an insight analysis into what the evidence says about how effective increasing neighbourhood cohesion is for preventing anxiety and depression. Read more.

In the media

  • UMH Launch -Highlights of the day

    The turnout of our UMH launch event at De Duif, Amsterdam on 8 November 2019 was a huge success. Thank you everyone for attending and supporting us.

    To recapture the day, we wish to share a few highlights of the event. The day commenced with a great introduction on Understanding Urban Mental Health using Complexity Science led by our co-directors Claudi Bockting and Reinout Wiers. The following interview was with Rector prof. Karen Maex of University of Amsterdam, where she expressed that the Centre for Urban Mental Health will to be the next top research and education hub where new practices and interventions arise and bring strong interdisciplinary collaborations.

    Then, a series of guest lectures highlighted the importance of embracing complexity science in urban mental health using various mediums: professor Peter Sloot (Complexity science; UvA), professor Johan Bollen (Social media; Indiana University), professor Paul Verschure (Clinical stroke intervention; Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia), and professor Denny Borsboom (Network symptom modelling; UvA). Lastly, we had a series of pitches on six new exciting PhD projects which are fully funded by our Centre starting in January 2020.