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Publicaties 2015

Resultaten: 21 - 27 van 27
Resultaten: 21 - 27 van 27
  • 8 feb 2016
    Social Dimensions of Privacy | Beate Roessler

    Written by a select international group of leading privacy scholars, Social Dimensions of Privacy endorses and develops an innovative approach to privacy.

  • 23 feb 2016
    Soos familie. Stedelike huiswerkers in Suid-Afrikaanse tekste | Ena Jansen

    Als gevolg van hun ambivalente positie in het contactgebied tussen ‘ras’ en klas zijn zwarte vrouwen die als kinderoppassers en dienstboden werken perfect gepositioneerd om belangrijke tolken en vertalers in de ...

  • 30 sep 2015
    The Emergence of Hybrid Grammars: Language Contact and Change | Enoch Oladé Aboh

    Children are extremely gifted in acquiring their native languages, but languages nevertheless change over time. Why does this paradox exist? In this study of creole languages, Enoch Aboh addresses this question, ...

  • 23 feb 2016
    The Global Trajectories of Queerness | Ashley Tellis and Sruti Bala

    The Global Trajectories of Queerness (eds. Ashley Tellis and Sruti Bala) interrogates the term “queer” by mapping what space the theorizing of same-sex sexualities and politics in the non-West inhabits.

  • 15 apr 2015
    The Politics of Adaptation: Media Convergence and Ideology | Dan Hassler-Forest, Pascal Nicklas (eds.)

    In the 21st century, the parallel movements of media convergence and globalization have reshaped our understanding of media boundaries.

  • 24 feb 2016
    The supporter of religion against the infidels | Gerard Wiegers

    For a long time Ahmad ibn Qasim al-Hajari (Hornachos, ca. 1570) was between 1608 and 1633 secretary to the Moroccan sultans of the Sa’did dynasty.

  • 24 feb 2016
    Towards Eurasian Linguistic Isoglosses: the case of Turkic and Hungarian | László Marácz

    László Marácz argumenteert in zijn nieuwe boek 'Towards Eurasian Linguistic Isoglosses: the case of Turkic and Hungarian' voor een nieuwe indeling van de Oeraals-Altaïsche taalfamilies waar ook het Hongaars, Fins en ...