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Are you motivated to help businesses report on their sustainability standards and objectives? And are you determined to take your theoretical knowledge and research skills to the next level? The Accountancy and Control Honours programme is a challenging addition to your Master’s degree.

This 15EC Honours programme is open to highly motivated Master's Accountancy and Control students with a record of academic achievement, a passion for solving complex problems, and excellent communication skills. You will use core skills from your Master’s specialisation track (Accountancy or Control) to address challenging issues concerning sustainability reporting and regulations.

Help companies make the right sustainability decisions

More and more companies are taking up their responsibility to become more sustainable. This means they can no longer make decisions solely based on financial performance. Activities that have a direct impact on society and the environment also have to be taken into account. This is already forcing firms to draw up a long-term vision that is reflected in strategic planning, leading to value creation within the organisation.

In order to achieve all this, companies need accounting and control experts who know how to apply regulations, data-analytics and research. These experts also have to be able to provide recommendations on sustainable long-term decision-making.

Why apply for the Accountancy and Control Honours programme?

The Accountancy and Control Honours programme is your first major step in becoming an expert in sustainable accountancy or control. If you are driven and prepared to put in the extra work, this programme is a great challenge. A perfect chance to stand out to future employers.

  • Become an expert on sustainable accountancy or control.
  • Learn how to collect, analyse and explain data needed for sustainable decision-making.
  • Become proficient in clarifying and communicating academic research results.
  • Apply theoretical concepts and research methodologies in research projects.

Specific courses

The Honours programme (15EC) is taken concurrently with your 1-year Master's Accountancy and Control, adding the Research Lab as an extra course to your curriculum.

The Business Lab and Thesis are mandatory for all Master's students. As an Honours programme student, you will be challenged with specific assignments concerning sustainability subjects, determined by professors of the Accountancy and Control department.

  • Research Lab

    In a group of no more than 5 students, you will tackle a research topic presented by the Accountancy and Control department. By applying research skills and data management tools, we challenge you and your team to create an innovative research project. You will finish your research project with a presentation to staff and members of the professional field.

  • Business Lab

    In a group of no more than 5 students, you will work on a consultancy assignment for one of our partner companies (profit or non-profit) in the field of accountancy or control. You will finish your project with a team presentation of your research to the company. The Business Lab assignment and topic is determined by the Accountancy and Control department.

  • Thesis

    If you enrol in the Honours programme you will write your thesis about a subject that is determined by professors of the Accountancy and Control department.

Real-life case: how to detect and monitor fraud

How can Ahold & Delhaize - with over 7,000 stores in Europe and the US - detect fraud by using techniques like data analytics, process mining and continuous monitoring? Sustainability is emerging as a mainstream topic in annual reports. Systems, processes and internal controls of sustainability information are generally not of the same calibre as those for financial reporting. This increases the risks of sustainable information-'fraud'.

How to apply

The Accountancy and Control Honours programme is selective and only available to (approximately) 15 highly motivated Master's Accountancy and Control students.

What you need to do:

  1. Apply to the Master's Accountancy and Control.
  2. Wait for your admissions results. If you are admitted to the programme you will receive a conditional email.
  3. Start your Master's Accountancy or Control programme. During the 1st block you will receive more information on how to apply for the Honours programme. When you apply, you will have to provide us with your academic record, a letter of motivation and a letter of (academic) recommendation.

Selection will take place in October, based on the documents you provide and group diversity. You will start the Honours programme in November of the same academic year.


For specific questions about the Accountancy and Control Honours programme, please do not hesitate to contact us.