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Student review

Reinier Zonneveld

'The combined track was very appealing'

Reinier Zonneveld - Finance and Real Estate Finance combination track

'I heard a lot of positive stories from friends who had done a Master’s at the UvA. Because I'm interested in both Real Estate Finance and Corporate Finance, the combined track within the Master’s programme in Business Economics was very appealing. The way the programme was set up suited my interest as well; there's room to tailor the programme to your own preferences  by choosing electives.'

'The courses in the first period provide you with a broad range of knowledge on which you can further expand during the electives and the Master’s thesis. The courses really make you grasp a subject in a way that makes you able to apply the theory to real life situations - both during the writing of the thesis and also later in your working career. Furthermore, there's a logical interaction between the different courses, so you'll find out during the year that lots of things interact and can't be analysed in isolation.'

'Besides studying, I run a business specialised in (film)music and music-production. My clients hire me to compose music and sound effects for their movie / commercial, or to 'polish' the sound of their music and recordings to a commercial level. I'm also an artist and DJ (techno) and play at clubs and festivals during the weekends.'

'I really enjoy analysing and finding solutions for problems. Risk / portfolio management is very attractive to me and I also enjoy the research side of things, so I won't exclude the possibility of exploring this field more in the future. I'm not sure how and if I'll combine my current business and activities with a job in finance. I guess I'll have to try and see how that goes after my Master’s.'