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What can you expect to achieve once you have completed your Master’s in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance? This programme is your ticket to excellent career prospects. You may find employment working as an actuary or a risk manager with a financial institution, such as an insurance company, a pension fund, or an investment or retail bank, a consultancy firm, a corporate, or a regulatory or government institution.

The actuarial profession is currently one of highest rewarding on the labour market. In recent years, the mathematical and specialist modelling skills of the actuary have also seen increasing demand from companies outside the insurance world.

The general track in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance provides a good foundation for continuing into a PhD programme and by following our excellent APC Post-master programme, you may also qualify for membership of the Royal Dutch Actuarial Society.

ASMF graduates can be found in a wide variety of organisations, including: 

  • insurance companies;
  • ​pension funds;
  • investment and retail banks;
  • consultancy firms;
  • corporates;
  • regulatory authorities;
  • government institutions.

Become a top-level actuary

Many actuaries in the Netherlands are members of the Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap (Royal Dutch Actuarial Society). If you wish to become a member (with additional title Actuaris AG, abbreviated as AAG) after completing your Master’s programme, you will be required to take the Post-master Actuarial Practice Cycle (APC) programme. This Post-Master’s programme, offered by the UvA, imparts the professional skills needed to function as an actuary. In addition, you must have completed the Bachelor's actuarial courses, as well as a course on Insurance and Pension Law. Further courses in finance, mathematics, statistics, econometrics or actuarial science may also be required.

Alumni network

All graduates have access to the ASE alumni network, which enables graduates to connect with fellow alumni in their field of interest and to find new opportunities.

Tangible benefits aside, your graduation from the ASE also begins your membership of a select brand of alumni who may not be instantly recognisable, but whose shared background  will always mean plenty of shared memories, a single frame of reference and ease of acquaintance.