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Honours programme Economics (Msc Economics)

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Do you have excellent analytical and leadership abilities? And are you set on using applied research to tackle complex real-life problems? The Economics Honours programme is a great challenge and a chance to broaden your horizon beyond the scope of your track.

This Honours programme is open to MSc Economics students with a record of academic achievement, a critical mind and an enthusiasm for applied research.

Why apply for the Economics Honours programme?

This Honours programme is your chance to gain knowledge at the highest level and (applied research) skills on top of the MSc Economics track of your choice. If you are driven and prepared to put in the extra work, this programme is a rewarding addition to your curriculum. A perfect chance to stand out to future employers.

Specific courses

The Honours programme (15EC) is taken concurrently with your 1-year MSc Economics. Besides being able to choose 1 out of 6 Economics tracks, the Honours programme adds 3 courses to your MSc.

  • Business case

    Solve a business case and present your results to your fellow students. You will execute this assignment in a small and diverse team of MSc students who all follow different MSc programmes at the Amsterdam School of Economics. During the assignment one of our senior researchers will provide support to your team efforts during this assignment.

Real-life case: universal basic income, would it work?

A basic income is basically money to which you are always entitled, regardless of your assets, social status, or income. Although a basic income does not yet exist in the Netherlands, there have been some experiments. So, it is an interesting, and hot topic to further investigate. What effects does a basic income have on well-being and behaviour? How does it affect the labour market? Or our social benefits and tax system?

How to apply

The Economics Honours programme is selective and only available to (approximately) 15 highly motivated MSc Economics students.

What you need to do:

  1. Apply for the MSc Economics programme.
  2. Wait for your admissions results. If you are admitted to the programme you will receive an email offering conditional acceptance.
  3. Start your MSc Economics programme. By the end of the 1st period you can apply for the Honours programme by writing a letter of motivation.

Selection will take place in October, based on the documents you provide and group diversity. You will start the Honours programme in November of the same academic year.

Facts & Figures
Degree programme MSc
Mode Honours programme
Credits 75 ECTS, 12 months
Language of instruction English
Starts in November
CROHO code 66401