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Career Prospects

Graduates of Communication Science: Persuasive Communication

Career prospects

The career prospects for our alumni are good. A recent study (2017) shows that graduates who started looking for a job immediately after graduation have found a suitable job within two to three months (n=231).

Because of the combination of marketing and health communication and the rapid developments in these fields, the career opportunities are broad. Recent graduates are now active in the development and management of communication strategies, the evaluation of advertising and health campaigns, or the conduct of media and market research within profit or non-profit organisations. Think of jobs at:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Research companies
  • Government bodies
  • Health institutions
  • Charities or funds
  • Private sector corporations
  • Many other organisations.

This high-level Master’s prepares you for a variety of jobs creating broad employability:

  • Communication advice and management (e.g., campaign developer in advertising or health, marketing communication strategist, public information expert, communication consultant, policy worker in broadcasting or health care, brand manager, media expert, webcare and social media agent, communication consultant, fundraising manager).
  • Communication research (e.g., market researcher, media researcher, academic researcher).

UvA Career Services

To help students find the right job, identify strengths and weaknesses of their CVs, and prepare for the interview, the UvA offers a large amount of general and individual career services and events. Visit their website or contact them with specific inquiries to make full use of the services.