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The Master's programme Ancient History trains students in analysing complicated historical issues. It also enables them to hone their communication skills through various media. These analytical and communicative skills are essential for any professional career in a wide range of fields: from a career in politics to working at cultural institutions.

  • Research and communication for media and cultural institutions (museums, publishers)
  • Education and educational institutions
  • National and municipal government bodies 

After obtaining an MA in Ancient History, graduates will also be able to do PhD research at universities or research institutes. The Faculty of Humanities annually makes several new PhD positions available to Master’s graduates. You can also do a PhD research project in your own time (external PhD researcher) if you are able to find a qualified person to act as your PhD thesis supervisor. However, if you’re seriously focused on an academic career, it is best to enrol for the two year Research Master’s in Classics and Ancient Civilisations. This Master’s programme specifically trains you to become a (university) researcher.