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Career prospects

The Job Market

After completing the Master's programme you will have gained insight into a wide variety of religious phenomena from different time periods within Europe and have acquired the ability and skills to analyse them. Your skills are relevant for a career in the field of religious studies, as well as for a range of employment opportunities where a critical, curious, and academically-trained mind is essential. Graduates of the programme can find a job in education, journalism or another writing profession, scientific research, cultural management and leadership positions that require expertise in the field of religious diversity.

An academic career

Graduates can also opt to continue their studies in the Research Master's programme Religious Studies, which offers an excellent opportunity for those interested in pursuing a PhD in this field. Students who have completed one of the one-year programmes of the Master's in Theology and Religious Studies are usually able to complete the two-year Research Master's programme in one year. Due to the limited number of places available in the research programme, all applicants must undergo a selection procedure.