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Track-specific Requirements

Cultural Psychology

1. Advanced knowledge in any field of Psychology

Students who do not have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but have obtained a master’s degree in psychology or a degree in a closely related discipline to Cultural Psychology (e.g., Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Sociology) can still be admitted to the programme provided that they have acquired sufficient EC in psychology-related courses on top of the basic requirements. 

2. (Introduction to) Cultural Psychology

Applicants are expected to have basic knowledge of Cultural Psychology when they enter the master’s programme. To ensure this, we expect applicants to have completed an introductory course in Cultural Psychology. This course should introduce you to the discipline of cultural psychology, the development of culture and discuss the major cultural differences in psychological functioning (e.g. self, social relations, emotion, motivation, cognition, perception).

You can read about the options for taking the Introduction to Cultural Psychology course at the University of Amsterdam here:

You can find a list of courses that meet our entry requirements offered by other universities here.