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Master Cultural and Social Anthropology: Applied Anthropology (track)

Academic staff

Cultural and Social Anthropology (MSc)

Alex Strating
Alex Strating (photo by Eva Boeter)

Programme Director and Academic Advisor

The Programme Director of the MSc in Cultural and Social Anthropology is Dr Alex Strating. His research interests include power and identity, economic anthropology, kinship, Europe.

Study Adviser

Drs Marieke Brand is the Study Adviser of the MSc in Cultural and Social Anthropology.

Lecturers / supervisors

Dr L. Bakker

Economic anthropology, anthropology of law, development, natural resource conflict, transnational investment policies, the state, militias, ethnic conflict, security and violence; Southeast Asia.

Prof Dr N. Besnier

Identity and the body, gender and sexuality, modernity and globalization, psychological anthropology, cultural dynamics, linguistic anthropology; Pacific Islands, Japan, North America.

Dr Y. van Ede

Qualitative methodology, philosophy of science, sensuous ethnography and the anthropology of the senses, ways of learning and transmission, cultural adaptation in global processes and creative writing, dance and performance; Spain, Japan, the Netherlands, and the Philippines.

Dr R. Gerrets

International health governance; international health governance and organizations, development, science and technology studies, medical anthropology, East African societies and cultures, linguistic anthropology.

Dr T. Gerrits

Reproductive health, infertility, reproductive technologies, surrogacy, reproductive traveling/toerism, globalization of reproductive technologies, medicalization, ethics in health care, hospital ethnography; Sub-Saharan Africa, Mozambique, Ghana.

Dr R. van Ginkel

History and anthropology, the history of anthropology, maritime cultures and fishing communities, animal symbolism, ecological anthropology, culture and ecology, European ethnology, national and local culture and identity formation, Suburbia and the ethnography of the Netherlands, WWII memorials and commemorations.

Dr E. Grassiani

Military anthropology, anthropology of conflict and violence, (privatized) security, nationalism, Israel, Palestine.

Prof Dr A. Hardon

Anthropology of health and health care, globalization and medical technologies, gender, reproductive health and sexuality, health systems research, social science and HIV/AIDS.

Dr T. Harris

Space and place, material culture, globalization, cross-border trade, political economy; Himalayas, East Asia, South Asia.

Dr A. Hiddinga

Science and technology studies (specifically related to medical science and practice), concepts of health and disease, disability, diversity, deafness and sign language, (dutch) practices of home birth and delivery, visual anthropology, historical methods.

Dr A. de Jong

Violence, nonviolence and power, activism, resistance and social movements, settler-colonialism, critical decolonial theory and engaged Political anthropology; Palestine, Israel, Syria, Bahrain.

Dr B. Kalir

Human mobility, transnational flows, national belonging, ethnic and religious identities, (il)legality/(il)licitness, Jewish Diaspora; Israel, Latin America, China

Dr B. de Kok

Anthropology of health care and health systems, human rights, gender, masculinity, sexual and reproductive health , reproductive loss and maternal mortality, treatment adherence, provider-client interaction, medicalization, discourse analysis; Africa, Malawi, Europe.

Dr K. Krause

Transnationalism, diaspora, migration mobility regimes, (il)legality, citizenship, political subjectivity, claim-making, transnational networks of various kinds (e.g. therapeutic, care-related, religious, ethnic, political), globalization, diversity and categories of difference, disability, urban superdiversity, multiculturalism, religion (global Pentecostalism, anthropology of Christianity) care relations, care systems, welfare states, mobilities around ageing; Ghana, UK, Germany, Netherlands, African Diaspora(s).

Dr S. Lan

Urban anthropology, migration and transnationalism, race and ethnicity, social stratification, African diaspora in China, global Chinese diaspora; East Asia.

Dr J. McBrien

Religion (esp. religion and politics, Islam); dreams and disillusions; modernity; gender and kinship, former socialist countries

Prof Dr A. M'charek

Race and genomics, race and forensic science/practice, diversity in medical practice, Science and Technology Studies, material semiotics; Anthropology at home (Netherlands, European context).

Dr G. Moerman

Social Research Methodology, Social Categorization (MCA), discours analysis ethnicity, Sport, Development Sociology; South-India, Sri Lanka.

Prof dr. A. Mol

Reality in practice; material semiotics; empirical philosophy; appreciation in practice; qualification (as good or bad); eating and metabolic relations; waste and wasting; water quality; toilets and using them; anthropology in `the West'; traveling and social topology.

Prof Dr A. Moors

Muslim cultural politics, living Islam, kinship, marriage and transnationalism, migrant domestic labour, dress, fashion, and gold jewellery; Middle East, Muslim world (including Europe).

Dr. E. Moyer

Urbanizing Africa, masculinities, youth cultures, medical anthropology, HIV/AIDS, global health, gender and sexuality, anthropology of space and place, popular culture.

Dr G. Nooteboom

Social security and social policy in Indonesia, poverty, livelihood, and inequality, development theory, migration, ethnic conflict, rural transformation, sustainable development, globalization, transnational land deals; Southeast Asian studies, Philippines, Indonesia

Prof Dr R. Pool

Medical anthropology, applied anthropology, HIV, malaria, sustainable health interventions, end-of-life, euthanasia; Africa (currently Uganda), Netherlands.

Dr M. van de Port

Religion, popular culture, visual culture and media, authenticity, experimental anthropological writing; (Afro-)Brazil, the Balkans, Netherlands

Prof Dr R. Reis

Medical anthropology, religious and symbolic anthropology, child health and wellbeing, idioms of distress, post-conflict and post-disaster settings, prevention and community care; (Southern) Africa, Netherlands.

Dr P. van Rooden

Religion and modernity, religion and politics, Christianity, oral history; Western Europe, United States.

Dr V. de Rooij

Language and identity (with a focus on gender and class identities); stigmatization, discrimination, racism; uses and impact of technology-mediated communication; contemporary rural change in the Netherlands.

Dr O. Sooudi

Art, creative workers, cities, cultural production, cultural translation, modernity, urban anthropology, anthropology of art, migration, popular culture, youth, transnationalism; Japan, India, United States.

Dr R. Spronk

Gender, sexuality and desire (re/un-thinking “sexuality”), love and intimacy, personhood and agency, globalization, theory from the South, middle-classes and cosmopolitanism in Africa.

Dr L.J. Steur

Political anthropology, political-economy, capitalism, class; (post-)socialism, working-class communities; India, Cuba.

Dr A. Strating

Ethnicity, nationalism, ethnic regionalism, political anthropology; Northwest and East Europe

Dr M. Veenis

Consumption, Material culture / Materiality, Political Anthropology (Dictatorship, Repression), Socialism / Postsocialism; Europe / Eastern Europe / Cold War.

Dr O. Verkaaik

Anthropology of religion (especially Islam and Judaism) and secularism, ritual and performance, material culture (especially architecture), nationalism, ethnicity, violence; South Asia, Europe

Dr D.H. de Vries

Global health, community health, human resources for health, infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS key populations, emergency preparedness and disasters mitigation, collective surprises, memory-networks and temporality, floodplains, historical ecology; North America, Africa.

Dr M. Witte

Religion; media; popular culture; the senses and the body; cultural heritage; race and ethnicity; (urban) West Africa; Afro-Europe/African diaspora.

Dr E. Yates-Doerr

Anthropology of Science, Health, Reproduction, Food, Metrics, Sustainability, Global Institutions; Latin America.

Dr J. Zigon

Morality, subjectivity, global institutions and discourses, human rights, HIV/AIDS and drug use, philosophy and social theory; Russia, United States.

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