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Master Cultural and Social Anthropology: Applied Anthropology (track)


Applied Anthropology: Cultural and Social Anthropology (track)

Kiki Collot D'Escury
geographix.nl: Kiki Collot d'Escury

How can one explain anthropologists’ reluctance to reach an audience wider than just the specialist of the discipline, when their scientific approach is based on an experience in principle open to everyone, and when their works are for the most part written in ordinary language (Philippe Descole cited in Fassin, 2013: 621).

During my bachelor in Cultural Anthropology, I was very much inspired by the above quote and work of Fassin. I did not want to do research that would only be understandable for my professor and maybe some fellow students, I wanted my research to mean something to other people, people outside the discipline of Anthropology. Applied research can be many different things but to me, it was the opportunity to show the value of anthropology to the ‘outside’ world, the world we live and study in.