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Master Cultural and Social Anthropology

Pre-Master's programme

Cultural and Social Anthropology (MSc)

The Graduate School of Social Sciences offers several possibilities to make up for (slight) credit deficiencies.

Application to pre-Master's programme

Please register for the Master’s programme in Studielink and apply through the link in Myinfo, also for the Master’s programme: the Admissions Committee will assess your application for the Master's programme and decide if a pre-Master's programme or course is needed and if it will sufficiently prepare you for entry to the Master's programme.

Online e-course: Basic Anthropological Theory

Promising students who do not meet the entry requirements may be conditionally admitted to the programme, provided that they complete online e-course in Basic Anthropological Theory (4 ECTS) and/or. The tuition fee for this two months long distance e-course offered in November/December and May/June is EUR 400.

E-course Basic Anthropological Theory


E-course Qualitative Research methodology

Students with slightly insufficient background in anthropological or qualitative social science research methodology, may be admitted provided that they complete the e-course qualitative research methodology (3ECTS) in the period prior to the Master's programme.

Tuition fee for this two months long distance e-course offered in November/December and May/June is EUR 400

E-course Qualitative Research Methodology Module


Pre-Master's programme

Promising students with a Bachelor's degree in a field related to social sciences, but without sufficient background in anthropology, may be admitted provided that they complete a pre-Master's programme of 28 ECTS to 60 ECTS first.

Please click here for more information about the tuition fee for the pre-Master's programme (please click on 'pre-Master's programme' on the left).

Tuition Fees

For more information on the pre-Master's programme, please click here:

More information about the 28 EC pre-Master's programme

More information about the (partly in Dutch) 60 EC pre-Master's programme

Graduates from universities of applied sciences (HBO)

Applicants with a higher professional Bachelor's degree obtained at a university of applied sciences (HBO) should contact the student advisor. HBO students with a relevant BA degree, preferably a BA that contains courses on analytical skills and on writing, and excellent grades might be able to enroll in the MA programme provided that they first complete our 60 EC pre-Master's programme. Entrance to this programme is selective. The student advisor can advise you on this.

More information about the pre-Master's programme for HBO students

MOOCs and reading assignments

Promising students who do not fully (but nearly) meet the requirements or who are in need of brushing up on their knowledge in the field of social sciences and research methodology, may be admitted provided that they complete a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) or a reading assignment prior to the Master's programme.

Reading assignments are offered for free and do not require extra tuition fees.For more information on the MOOCs on offer and the fee, please see: 

University of Amsterdam MOOCs


If you still have any questions regarding application and admission, please contact the Admissions Office at apply-gsss@uva.nl