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Political Theory (Political Science)

Charles Battaglini: 'A unique master'

'My name is Charles Battaglini, I graduated from the Msc Political Theory in 2017, and I’m now a PhD student in political Science at Columbia University in New York.'

Charles Battaglini

Variety of subjects 

'The master’s offers in-depth knowledge about a large array of different subjects, ranging, for example, from gender issue through the economic crisis. Political Theory gives the possibility to make normative statements about the world in an attempt to improve the status quo without losing touch with the complex political reality in which we are living.


Moreover, during the thesis project, it is really possible to specialize on a topic; this can be a good first step for an academic career. I wrote my thesis under the supervision of Enzo Rossi about a defense of global justice based on realist political theory. We are now converting it into an article and I am currently doing a Ph.D. on a related subject.

Dynamic atmosphere

Finally, lecturers at the UvA are very helpful and enthusiastic. It is always possible to ask them for additional information or relevant articles even when it isn’t for their own course. It is also possible to attend the workshops some of them organize, in which scholars from around the world present and discuss papers.

Overall, this is a unique master’s that offers all the necessary tools for political theorists and provides an excellent preparation for doctoral work in political theory.’