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Dr. E.H. (Eddy) de Bruijn

Amsterdam University College

  • Science Park 113
  • Kamernummer: 2.28
  • Science Park 113
    1098 XG Amsterdam
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    • 1992-1996     Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, Cornell University , Ithaca , New York, USA
    • 1987-1992     M.Sc.. in Experimental Psychology, University of Leiden, The Netherlands .
    • 1977-1981     Runnymede College, Madrid, Spain


    De Bruyn, E. H. (1996).   The Ecology of Cognition: Reality Monitoring and Deception.   Cornell University , Ithaca , New York

    Research Interest

    Evolutionary perspectives of adolescent behavior, in particular dominance, popularity and sexual selection processes.

    Research Website

    These URL's demonstrate the websites utilized in my research with children and young adolescents. The websites are maintained by Logic8 ( www.logic8.nl ).  

    www.brugklasonderzoek.nl www.basisschoolonderzoek.nl

    International Publications

    • La Heij, W., de Bruyn, E. H., Elens, E., & Hartsuiker, R. (1990).    Orthographic facilitation and categorical interference in a word-translation variant of the Stroop task.    Canadian Journal of Psychology, 44 , 76-83.
    • Ceci, S. J. & de Bruyn, E. H. (1993). The child witness: A growing dilemma. Children Today , 22 , 5-9.  
    • Ceci, S. J., Rosenblum, T., & de Bruyn, E. H. (1994).    The role of IQ in the transfer of knowledge and life-course outcomes.    SET, Research Information for Teachers, 2 , 1-4.  
    • De Bruyn, E. H. (1996).    The Ecology of Cognition: Reality Monitoring and Deception .    Unpublished Dissertation, Cornell University , Ithaca , New York .  
    • Ceci, S. J., Rosenblum, T., de Bruyn, E. H., & Lee, D. Y.    (1997)    A bio-ecological model of intellectual development: Moving beyond h 2 .    In Robert Sternberg & Elena Grigorenko (Eds.), Intelligence, heredity, and environment (pp. 303-322).    New York ,NY , Cambridge University Press.  
    • Ceci, S.J., Rosenblum, T. B., & de Bruyn, E. (1999). Laboratory vs. FieldApproaches to Cognition. In R.J. Sternberg (Ed.), The Nature of Cognition . MIT Press: Cambridge , MA .  
    • De Bruyn,E. H, Deković, M., & Meijnen, G. W.    ( 2003).    Parenting, Academic Motivation, Classroom Behavior, and School Success in Early Adolescence.    The Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 24 , 393-412.  
    • De Bruyn, E. H. (2004).    Development of the Mentor Behavior Rating Scale.    School Psychology International, 25 , 185-192.
    • De Bruyn, E. H. (2004).    Stephen J. Ceci: a Biography.    In J. R. Miller, R. M. Lerner, L. B. Schiamberg, & P. M. Anderson (Eds.), Human Ecology: An Encyclopedia of Children, Families, Communities, and Environments .(p. 99-101). Santa Barbara , CA : ABC-Clio.
    • De Bruyn, E. H.    (2005).    Role Strain, Engagement and Academic Achievement in Early Adolescence. Educational Studies, 31 , 15-27.  
    • De Bruyn, E. H. & Van den Boom, D. C.    (2005).    Interpersonal Behavior, Peer Popularity, and Self-Esteem. Social Development, 14 , 555-573.  
    • De Bruyn, E. H. & Cillessen, A. H. N.    (2006).    Heterogeneity of Girls' Consensual Popularity:    Academic and Interpersonal Behavioral Profiles. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 3 , 435-445.
    • De Bruyn, E. H. & Cillessen, A. H. N.    (2006). Popularity in Early Adolescence: Prosocial and Antisocial Subtypes. Journal of Adolescent Research, 21, 1-21.
    • Bos, H.M.W., Sandfort,Th.G.M., de Bruyn, E.H., & Hakvoort, E. (2008) . Same Sex Attraction Social Relationships Psychosocial Functioning and School Performance in Early Adolescence. Developmental Psychology , 44 , 59-68.
    • De Bruyn, E. H. & Cillessen, A. H. N. (2008). Leisure Activity Preferences and Perceived Popularity in Early Adolescence. Journal of Leisure Research , 40 , 442-457 .
    • De Bruyn, E. H., Cillessen, A. H. N. &  Wissink, I. (2010 ). Associations of Popularity with Bullying and Victimization in Early Adolescence. Journal of Early Adolescence, 30, 543-566 .
    • De Bruyn, E.H., Cillessen, A.H.N. & Weisfeld, G.E. (2012).  Dominance-Popularity Status, Behavior and the Emergence of Sexual Activity in Young Adolescents. Evolutionary Psychology. 10,  296-319.
    • Cillessen, A.H.N., Mayeux, L., De Bruyn, E.H. & Fontana, K. (2014.).  Aggressive Effects of Prioritizing Popularity in Early Adolescence. Aggressive Behavior, 40, 204-213
    • De Bruyn, E.H. & Weisfeld, G.E. (2017). Pathways to Consensual Popularity and Mating Opportunities in Ontogenetic Perspective. Human Ethology Bulletin, 32, 47-62.

    Conference proceedings

    De Bruyn, E.H & Meijnen, G. W.    (2004).    The mismatch between ability and achievement in the transition from primary to secondary education.     Paper presented at the International Congress for SchoolEffectiveness andImprovement.    Rotterdam , The Netherlands , 6-9 January.   

    De Bruyn, E.H., & Meijnen, G.W.    (2002).    Early (self) selection, the mismatch between capacities and educationallevel choice .    Paper presentedat the 29 th Congress of Research in Education, Antwerp, May 29-31.

    De Bruyn, E.H. & Cillessen, A.H.N. (2007). Associations Between Dimensions of Popularity and Bullying and Victimization in Two Normative Samples of Early Adolescents. Paper presented at the 2007 SRCD Biennial Meeting, Boston , Massachusetts , USA , March 29 - April 1.

    Cillessen, A. H. N., de Bruyn, E. H., & LaFontana, K. M. (2009).   Behavioral effects of prioritizing popularity. Paper presented at the 2009 SRCD Biennial Meeting, Denver, Colorado, USA, April 2-4.

    Amsterdam University College

    Starting the academic year 2009-2010, Dr. de Bruyn has been appointed lecturer in Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Basic Research Methods & Statistics at AUC


    Extra-academic activities

    Teacher of "Thinking like a Scientist" at the Cygnus Gymnasium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.   In collaboration with The Cornell Institute for Research on Children.

    Cygnus Gymnasium

    Institute of Educational & Behavioral Studies

    IEBS was founded in 2006 in order to extend De Bruyn's research endeavours to the non-academic world.
    For more info, please contact Eddy de Bruyn at eddy.iebs@yahoo.com

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