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dhr. L.Y. (Liang-Yu) Chen

Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen

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    1001 NC Amsterdam
  • PhD research and CV

    PhD Research
    Experts and the Science-policy Interface in China’s Climate Policy

    Supervisors: Prof. Joyeeta Gupta and Dr. Courtney Vegelin.  

    With the focus on experts’ engagement in China’s climate policy across different levels of governance, my PhD thesis aims to explain the science-policy interface (SPI) in the cross-level dynamics and a centralized political regime. It addresses the overarching question: Under what conditions and in which ways do experts influence China’s climate policy across multiple levels of governance, and what does this mean for the future of China’s climate policy? Related sub-questions are: (1) Who are ‘the’ experts and who speaks ‘truth’ to whom? (2) What kinds of science do policymakers need in order to make decisions, and why? (3) What are the strategies and methods used by experts to influence policy, and which are successful, and why? (4) How do these elements differ across different levels of governance and how do they interact among the levels? 


    Current Status

    PhD candidate, Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies (GPIO), Research cluster of Governance and Inclusive Development (GID), Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR), University of Amsterdam (UvA). 


    Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science (Major in Public Administration & Public Policy), National Taiwan University. 2010. 
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science, National Chengchi University, Taiwan. 2007.


    Research Interests
    Environmental and climate governance, local governance, Chinese politics, science-policy interface, interpretive research methodology.


    A. Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
    Chen, Liang-Yu. 2017. “How Do Experts Engage in China’s Local Climate Governance? A Case Study of Guangdong Province.” Journal of Chinese Governance, 2(4): 360-384. (https://doi.org/10.1080/23812346.2017.1379646)

    Chen, Liang-Yu. 2014. “A Journey towards Democracy and Reflections: Robert A. Dahl’s (1915-2014) Contributions to Contemporary Political Theories.” Political Science Quarterly Book Review, 42: 1-8. (in Chinese)

    Lin, Tze-Luen, and Chen Liang-Yu. 2009. “Return to the Policy Science of Democracy: The Concept and Approach of Deliberative Policy Analysis.” Taiwan Democracy Quarterly, 6(4): 1-47. (in Chinese) (TSSCI)


    B. Conference Papers
    Chen, Liang-Yu. 2017. “How Do Experts Work Differently at Various Levels of Government in China’s Climate Change Policy? A Comparative Study.” Paper presented at the 59th Annual Conference of the American Association for Chinese Studies (AACS). University of South Carolina, South Carolina, US. 20-22 October 2017.

    Chen, Liang-Yu. 2016. “How Do Experts Engage in China’s Local Climate Change Governance? A Case Study of Guangdong Province.” Paper presented at the CHESS Workshop 2016: Local Climate Change Governance & Resource Management in China. Vienna, Austria. 19-20 November 2016.

    Chen, Liang-Yu. 2016. “A Critical Review of Deliberative and Interpretive Policy Analysis in Taiwan.” Paper presented at the 11th International Conference of Interpretive Policy Analysis. Hull, UK. 5-7 July 2016.

    Chen, Liang-Yu. 2015. “From “Environment” to “Energy”: The Transformation of China’s Governance and Discourse of Climate Change.” Paper presented at the IIAS Seminar: Governance and Challenges in China’s Peripheries and Ecology. Leiden, Netherlands. 28-29 May 2015.

    Chen, Liang-Yu. 2014. “Deliberative Democracy in Taiwan in the 21st Century: An Observation and Reflection.” Paper presented at the IIAS Workshop: Deliberative Governance in East Asia. Leiden, Netherlands. 26-27 June 2014.

    Lin, Tze-Luen, and Liang-Yu Chen. 2014. “Deliberation in the Street: Reflecting the Relationship between Social Movement and Civic Deliberation in the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan.” Paper presented at the IIAS Workshop: Deliberative Governance in East Asia. Leiden, Netherlands. 26-27 June 2014.

    Chen, Liang-Yu. 2013. “A Discussion of Three Theoretical Perspectives for Analyzing China’s Climate Change and Environmental Governance.” Paper presented at the Master Class at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences: The ‘New Authoritarianism’: Russia and China in Comparative Perspective. Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 27 November 2013.


    C. Book Review 
    Chen, Liang-Yu. 2015. “Book Review: The Argumentative Turn Revisited: Public Policy as Communicative Practice.” Taiwan Democracy Quarterly, 12(2): 161-168. (in Chinese). (http://www.tfd.org.tw/export/sites/tfd/files/publication/quarterly/d12t2005_new.pdf)

    Chen, Liang-Yu. 2012. “Book Review: Deliberative Policy Analysis: Understanding Governance in the Network Society.” Political Science Quarterly Book Review, 34: 14-18. (in Chinese)

    Chen, Liang-Yu. 2008. “Book Review: Public Opinion and Mass opinion.” Political Science Quarterly Book Review, 20: 19-22. (in Chinese)


    Professional Service
    Editor-in-Chief, Political Science Quarterly Book Review, No. 27 - 31 (September 2010 - September 2011). (ISSN: 2222-6788)

  • Publicaties



    • Chen, L. Y. (2015). 書評:The Argumentative Turn Revisited:Public Policy as Communicative Practice〔再論政策之論證轉向—公共政策即為溝通實踐〕. Taiwan Democracy Quarterly , 12(2), 161-168.
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