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mw. D.F. (Dana) Dolghin MA

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    1090 GN Amsterdam
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    My PhD project: Reconsidering forgetting: remembrance and memory praxis in Romania specifically is an investigation into the historical narratives concerning the communist legacy, selective and competing remembrances and micro-level practices which reformulate received notions of sovereignty, identity and national identifications after 2000, as an indicative case study of contemporary Eastern Europe (main promoter prof. Rob van der Laarse, AHM, co- promoter dr. Matthijs Lok, European Studies). Specifically, I investigate the manner in which notions of Europeanization have translated to remembrance praxis and political culture and have recently produced notable changes in languages of memory. Several of these issues mobilize and provide an entryway into structural recurrences in Eastern European memory cultures today: asymmetries of visibility and representation between the Shoah and communist repressions in the area, transnational narratives of memory that transform and often eschew the embeddedness of local concerns, cosmopolitan and ethnic appropriations and notions of“heritage” and implications of anti-communist narratives of the past for recalibrations of nationalism and state biographies.

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    Negotiating memory canons: political violence and representation. Re-inventing Eastern Europe, 4th edition, Krakow, April 2015.

    Constitutional patriotism, anti-communism and memory culture. Phantom Borders Summer School, Humboldt Universitat, Berlin, September 2015

    "Wounded Attachments" and Memory Making in Eastern Europe. Identities and Identifications: Politicized Uses of Collective Identities, Venice, March 2016

    Sighet: Competing memories and transnational remembrance. Places of Amnesia: Interdisciplinary perspectives on forgotten pasts, University of Cambridge (UK), April 2016

    Unsettling liminality – memory and “uneven citizenship” in Eastern Europe. Association for the Study of Nationalities Convention, 21st edition, Columbia University, New York, April 2016

    Anticommunism and memory in Eastern Europe 23rd International Conference of Europeanists, Philadelphia, PA, April 2016

    Institution and inclination in the post-socialist space: genocide as “structural” language. Trauma as cultural palimpsests, University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, June 2016

  • Publicaties


    • Dolghin, D. F. (Accepted/In press). Framing Uncertainty: Memory, Legalism, and the Narratives of the State. Jahrbuch für Ostrecht.
    • Dolghin, D. F. (Ed.) (submitted). Phantom borders in South and Eastern Europe. Berlin: Petr Lang.



    • Dolghin, D. F. (2017). Institution and Inclination in the Post-Socialist Space: Genocide as “Memory Intervention”. In Palimpsest Traumas: post-communism, post-colonialism : Miscellanea Posttotalitariana Wratislaviensia (Vol. 6). Wroclaw, Poland.
    • Dolghin, D., van der Laarse, R., & Dziuban, Z. (2017). Thinking Conflicted Heritage Through Campscapes. Accessing Campscapes, 1, 32-39. [details]
    • van der Laarse, R., Dziuban, Z., Benčic, A., Dolghin, D., Adler, N., & Reijnen, C. (2017). Storytelling: Campscapes as Narratives. Accessing Campscapes, 1, 7-8. [details]


    • van der Laarse, R., & Dolghin, D. F. (2018). iC-ACCESS (Accessing Campscapes) HERA "Uses of the Past" Periodic Report 2: Progress Report 2 - as at 31st December 2017. HERA.


    • van der Laarse, R. (Editor), & Dolghin, D. F. (Editor) (Eds.). (2017). Accessing Campscapes (iC-ACCESS): Inclusive Strategies for European Conflicted Pasts. Web publication/site, Amsterdam: UvA (iC-ACCESS).Retrieved from http://www.campscapes.org/


    • Dolghin, D. F. (2016). Unsettling liminality – transnationalism and “uneven citizenship” in Eastern Europe, ASEES 2016.


    • van der Laarse, R. (participant) & Dolghin, D. F. (participant) (29-6-2018 - 2-7-2018). Site Analyses Lety Roma Memorial Site and Jachymov Gulag Camps., Plzen, Czech Republic. Archaeological and museological field trips to Lety, one to the two Roma Holocaust sites in Czech Republic, and the Jachymov (postwar) Gulag Uranium (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • van der Laarse, R. (chair), Dolghin, D. F. (organiser) & Vařeka, P. (organiser) (28-6-2018 - 2-7-2018). Site Analyses Lety Roma Memorial Site and Jachymov Gulag Camps., Plzen, Czech Republic. This workshop was committed to archaeological research in the former Jachymov Gulag camps and to the creation of a Roma Holocaust museum at the (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • van der Laarse, R. (chair) & Dolghin, D. (organiser) (20-5-2018 - 23-5-2018). Site Analyses and Workshop at the Falstad Memorial and Human Rights Center, Norway May 2018, Ekne, Norway. 6th Site analysis and workshop at the Falstad Memorial and Human Rights Center, Norway, May 2018 The ICACCESS team convened in Falstad, on the (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • van der Laarse, R. (chair) & Dolghin, D. F. (organiser) (10-3-2018 - 13-3-2018). Site Analysis and Workshop at Jasenovac Memorial Site, Croatia and Republika Srpska, Jasenovac, Croatia. Site analysis and workshop in Jasenovac, March 2018 The 5th team research workshop has been held in Jasenovac,Croatia, between March 10th-14th, 2018. (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Symonds, J. (chair), Holtorf, C. (participant), May, S. (participant), Boast, R. (participant) & Dolghin, D. F. (participant) (2-11-2017). Heritage Futures, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The workshop approaches heritage and its place in designating imaginaries of the future. To this end, the conversation brings together two research (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • van der Laarse, R. (participant) & Dolghin, D. F. (organiser) (15-10-2017 - 18-10-2017). Accessing Campscapes: iC-ACCESS workshop and public event, Hooghalen, Netherlands. The 4th iC-ACCESS Workshop was located in HCKW (memorial camp Westerbork) and related to three public events: 1. a public walking route to (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • van der Laarse, R. (chair) & Dolghin, D. F. (organiser) (19-10-2016 - 22-10-2016). Accessing Campscapes, Hooghalen, Netherlands (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • van der Laarse, R. (chair) & Dolghin, D. F. (organiser) (19-10-2016 - 31-10-2016). Inaugural workshop IC-ACCESS, Hooghalen, Netherlands. The launching workshop of the HERA-JRP Accessing Campscapes project (iC-ACCESS) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • van der Laarse, R. (chair) & Dolghin, D. F. (organiser) (12-6-2016 - 13-6-2016). Preliminary workshop iC-ACCESS, Amsterdam, Netherlands (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
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