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dhr. T.W.J. (Tim) van Gerven MA

Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Capaciteitsgroep Europese studies
Fotograaf: Feike Zantinge

  • Kloveniersburgwal 48
  • Kamernummer: D 3.03
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    1000 BP Amsterdam
  • Profile

    Tim van Gerven (Amsterdam, 1989) studied European Studies at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Oslo and graduated with distinction in 2012. His master's thesis addressed the representation of the EU in contemporary Norwegian literature. Since 2016 he is working on a PhD project at the Amsterdam School for Regional, Transnational and European Studies (ARTES). The objective of the research is to gain insight in the relationship between Scandinavism - understood as a primarily cultural movement - and the various nationally-specific manifestations of cultural nationalism in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in the nineteenth century. He is furthermore involved in the ERNiE-project (Encyclopaedia on Romantic Nationalism in Europe) of the Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms (SPIN).


    Main research interests:

    • Nationalism
    • Scandinavism
    • Nineteenth-century Scandinavian literature and art
    • Imagology
    • Transnational history



  • Project

    Scandinavism: overlapping and competing identities in the Nordic world

    In the European nation-building process, the shifting demarcations and power relations between the states of Northern Europe, and the emergence of a separate ethnolinguistic self-awareneness among Norwegian, Finnish, and Icelandic groups, has been well studied. The resulting model risks being both finalistic (in that it highlights those processes which were eventually consolidated in state-formation) and competitive-secessionist (in that it highlights processes where ethnic groups opt out of existing states).

    A proper intellectual-historical and comparative-macroregional approach should also take intoaccount those processes which, without achieving political consolidation, played a more transnationalrole in cultural mobilization by propounding alternative cultural identities across existing state structures. Besides a widespread Romantic interest in a putative Nordic sea empire involving the shores of North America, the most salient phenomenon is that of Scandinavism. While Scandinavism has been well studied, particularly as a failed political ideal, the current PhD-project aims to thematize Scandinavism as a primarily cultural movement, which, notwithstanding its failure as a political mobilizer, strengthened and extended national consciousness-raising in the various Nordic nationalities by stressing common ethnolinguistic, mythological and historical roots. This cultural vision is to be traced in the ‘Long 19th Century’ specifically in its cultural presence (as critical discourse and literary activism) and in its interactions and overlaps with the various nationally-specific manifestations of cultural nationalism, following the model of the ‘cultivation of culture’ developed by the Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalism.

    The project is supervised by prof. dr. Joep Leerssen, prof. dr. Henk van der Liet and dr. Suze van der Poll.

  • Publicaties


    • van Gerven, T. (2019). Is Nordic Mythology Nordic or National, or Both? Competing National Appropriations of Nordic Mythology in Early Nineteenth-Century Scandinavia. In S. Halink (Ed.), Northern Myths, Modern Identities : The Nationalisation of Northern Mythologies since 1800 (pp. 49-70). (National Cultivation of Culture; Vol. 19). Leiden: Brill. https://doi.org/10.1163/9789004398436_005 [details]


    • van Gerven, T. (2018). The Copenhagen Question of 1800: Tracing the Intellectual Roots of Cultural Scandinavism. In R. Hemstad, J. Fabricius Møller, & D. Thorkildsen (Eds.), Skandinavismen: Vision og virkning (pp. 45-72). (University of Southern Denmark Studies in History and Social Sciences; Vol. 556). Odense: Syddansk Universitetsforlag. [details]
    • van Gerven, T. (2018). Whose Tordenskjold? The Fluctuating Identities of an Eighteenth-Century Naval Hero in Nineteenth-Century Cultural Nationalisms. Romantik, 7(1), 17-46. https://doi.org/10.14220/jsor.2018.7.1.17 [details]


    • van Gerven, T. W. J. (2017). 12 person-related articles: Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen; Baggesen, Jens; Bjørnson, Bjørnstjerne; Dybeck, Richard; Fryxell, Anders; Geijer, Erik Gustaf; Hazelius, Artur; Heiberg, Johan Ludvig; Moe, Jørgen Engebretsen; Munch, Peter Andreas; Oehlenschläger, Adam Gottlob; Wergeland, Henrik. In J. Leerssen (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe Amsterdam: Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms.
    • van Gerven, T. W. J. (2017). 16 thematic articles: Antiquarianism, archeology: Swedish; Christiania University and its national outreach; Cultural movements and cultural sociability: Denmark; Cultural nationalism and politics in Sweden; Cultural sociability: Norwegian; Cultural sociability: Sweden; Folk music: Danish; Folk music: Norwegian; History-writing: Sweden; Patriotic poetry and verse: Norwegian; Publishing ventures / periodicals: Norway; Publishing ventures / periodicals: Sweden; Sports in Denmark; Sports, pastimes: Norwegian; Text editions: Norwegian; Theatrical societies: Norwegian. In J. Leerssen (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe Amsterdam: Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms.


    • van Gerven, T. (speaker) (3-6-2019). Liquid History: Scandinavian Identities in 19th-century Historical Fiction, DET NORDISKE 1800-TALS FORSKNINGSNETVÆRK. Indenfor og udenfor<br/>grænsedragninger i 1800-tallets<br/>Norden, Oslo, Norway.
    • van Gerven, T. (speaker) (19-9-2018). The Age of Discord is over. The Trickle-down Effect of Scandinavism in the Arts, Cultural mobilization: Cultural consciousness-raising and national movements in Europe and the world, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    • van Gerven, T. (speaker) (9-3-2018). Historicizing Scandinavia, Narrating the Nation: Scandinavism and the Pan-National Past in the Nineteenth Century, Borders and Bridges: Nordic Nationalisms and Transnationalisms, Berkeley, United States.
    • van Gerven, T. (speaker) (4-12-2017). “Reconciling the Age of Discord. War in Popular Scandinavian Fiction in the Nineteenth Century”, PhD Masterclass: Nationaliteter i Norden - Identiteter, bevægelser og kulturer i 1800-tallet., Copenhagen, Denmark.
    • van Gerven, T. (speaker) (3-11-2017). Whose Tordenskjold? Competing Perceptions of the Shared Dano-Norwegian Past, Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe 1814-1848. Monarchies, Emotions, and Nations, Copenhagen, Denmark.
    • van Gerven, T. (speaker) (26-10-2017). Cultivating Scandinavian Culture. Scandinavism and the Creation of a Scandinavian Identity in the Nineteenth Century, Lunch Seminar: Cultivating Scandinavian Culture. Scandinavism and the Creation of a Scandinavian Identity in the Nineteenth Century, Oslo, Norway.
    • van Gerven, T. (speaker) (2-6-2017). Imagening Scandinavia – A long 19th-Century Perspective.
    • van Gerven, T. (speaker) (16-2-2017). Is Nordic mythology Nordic or national, or both? Competing national appropriations of Nordic mythology in early-nineteenth-century Scandinavia, Offentlighet, rett og demokrati i Norden i det lange 19. århundre, Copenhagen, Denmark.
    • van Gerven, T. (speaker) (30-8-2016). Is Nordic mythology Nordic or national, or both? Mythology under debate in Denmark and Sweden, 1800-1829., Konference 'Skandinavisme', Oslo, Norway.


    • Morina, C. (participant), Jürgens, H. J. (participant), Brolsma, M. (participant), Grabowicz , G. (participant), van Gerven, T. W. J. (participant), Hirschfeld, B. S. (participant), … Mykhalchuk, T. (organiser) (2-6-2017). Transcultural Mediations, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Graduiertenkolleg and symposium "Transcultural Mediations. European Heritage and Identity Discourses in the long 20th Century" organised by Duitsland (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
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