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Dr. Z.L. (Zainal) Haberham

Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica
Fotograaf: M. de Kadt

  • Science Park 904
  • Kamernummer: F2.24
  • Postbus 94214
    1090 GE Amsterdam
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  • Profiel

    Lecturer, College of Life Sciences (primarily BSc programme in Psychobiology) and Graduate School Life and Earth Sciences  (MSc programmes in Biomedical Sciences and Earth Science).

    Psychobiology @ UvA Look around you: the Brain
  • Publications

    Selected publications (peer-reviewed)

    Murrell JC, Johnson CB, White KL, Taylor PM, Haberham ZL , Waterman-Pearson AE. Changes in the EEG during castration in horses and ponies anaesthetized with halothane. Vet Anaesth Analg. 2003 Jul;30(3):138-46.
    Stienen PJ, Haberham ZL , van den Brom WE, de Groot HN, Venker-Van Haagen AJ, Hellebrekers LJ. Evaluation of methods for eliciting somatosensory-evoked potentials in the awake, freely moving rat. J Neurosci Methods. 2003 Jun 15;126(1):79-90.
    Avsaroglu H, Versluis A, Hellebrekers LJ, Haberham ZL , van Zutphen LF, van Lith HA. Strain differences in response to propofol, ketamine and medetomidine in rabbits. Vet Rec. 2003 Mar 8;152(10):300.
    Haberham ZL. Developmentand evaluationofmethods for assessmentof quality of anaesthesia in therat. UtrechtUniversity (2000). ISBN: 90-393-2425-5.
    Haberham ZL , van den Brom WE, Venker-van Haagen AJ, de Groot HN, Baumans V, Hellebrekers LJ. The rat vertex-middle-latency auditory-evoked potential as indicator of anaesthetic depth: a comparison with evoked-reflex testing. Brain Res. 2000 Aug 11;873(2):287-90.
    Haberham ZL , van den Brom WE, Venker-van Haagen AJ, Baumans V, de Groot HN, Hellebrekers LJ. EEG evaluation of reflex testing as assessment of depth of pentobarbital anaesthesia in the rat. Lab Anim. 1999 Jan;33(1):47-57.
    Baumans V, Meijer JC, Haberham ZL , de Groot HN, Hellebrekers LJ. [Euthanasia of piglets: gas or injection?]. Tijdschr Diergeneeskd. 1998 Dec 15;123(24):738-42. Dutch.
    Kusters AH, Vijn PC, van den Brom WE, Haberham ZL , Venker-van Haagen AJ, Hellebrekers LJ. EEG-burst-suppression-controlled propofol anesthesia in the dog. Vet Q. 1998;20 Suppl 1:S105-6.

  • Education

    PhD Utrecht University, 2000
    Graduate School Animal Health - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Concentrations: experimental anaesthesiology, laboratory animal science.
    MSc University of Amsterdam, 1995
    Biomedical Sciences  ("medische biologie"). Concentration: neurobiology, with additional certificates in radiological work and laboratory animal science ("article 9 researcher").
    VWO (Gymn. β), St. Nicolaaslyceum, Amsterdam, 1989.

  • Science Park fauna

    Privately I enjoy observing and photographing Amsterdam fauna, especially on the grounds of the Amsterdam Science Park. I also dabble in producing music (in the criminally obscure Indo Jazz Punk genre).

    Science Park flora & fauna observations @ waarneming.nl

    Some Science Park fauna:

    Bluethroat (Luscinia svecica)
    Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) chasing a Carrion Crow (Corvus corone)
    Stoat (Mustela erminea)
    Little Ringed Plover (Charadrius dubius, with chick)
    Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus)
    Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia)
    Common Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus, mating)
    Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)
    Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe)
    Hobby (Falco subbuteo)
    Whinchat (Saxicola rubetra)
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