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Dr. M.H.E. (Mirjam) Hoijtink

Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Capaciteitsgroep Algemene Cultuurwetenschappen
Fotograaf: FGw / privé collectie

  • Profiel


    Mirjam Hoijtink (1968) is ass. Prof. at CW (Cultural Sciences) and program director of MA Museum Studies (full English program). She is a member of AHM (Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture); and coördinator of the research group The East & Europe.

    Since her MA thesis at archaeology (VU Amsterdam) she developed a strong affinity with human, political, ideological and cultural historical dimensions of museum collections. After having worked as a museum professional she returned to university in 2000. Hoijtink became doctor at the University of Amsterdam 2009 (Promotor Prof. dr. W. den Boer). An adaptation of her dissertation is published as  'Exhibiting the Past. Caspar Reuvens and the Museums of Antiquity in Europe 1800-1840' (Brepols, 2012). Her 'museum historical stratigraphy ' as a manner to deeply understand objects, clearly reflects a layered and archaeological way of thinking- albeit firmly anchored in a frame of historical sources.

    Hoijtink currently works on a cultural biography of artefacts taken as loot to the Netherlands during the Java War (1825-1830) and their connectedness with a diaspora of memory, here and in Indonesia (publication fall 2021). Colonial collectioning and practices of presentation formed a major part of her dissertation by surprise. Ever since she developed her knowledge via different questions such as why are the arts from the Muslim world, compared to our surrounding countries, underrepresented in Dutch museums, whilst the kingdom of the Netherlands ruled Indonesia, with a substantial part of its population being the largest muslim community in the 19th century worldwide? 

    Research interests are merely related the period 1780-1920, more specific to cultural historical and anthropological discourses on biographies of objects and the communal and institutional networks they're part of (Biographies of Objects/ Semiotics/ Micro History/ Commodification). Keywords: Colonial Collection and Exhibition Practices, Museums of Antiquities, the biography of collections, European academic networks, Imperial networks, Muslim World.

    As a lecturer and MA/PhD Theses supervisor, Mirjam Hoijtink encourages to develop an international museumhistorical view in the field of Museumstudies, also seeking to explain that insight in the exclusive inclusiveness (!) of 'universal' museums in the first half of the 19th century can be helpful to develop a deeper understanding and a critical approach to museums and globalisation today. Next to her work as a scholar, lecturer and exhibition maker she publishes on exhibitions and is member of different cultural institutes/ museums advisory boards.


    MA courses/ MA classes/ Publications:

    Museum Studies UvA: Museum Concepts & Narratives; Museums & the Mobility of Artfefacts with Allard Pierson Exhibition; Museums, Archaeology and the Public (with René van Beek and Gert Jan van Wijngaarden

    Religion Studies UvA: Material Religion (guestlectures)

    International MA Classes:

    2019 August: Seminar (lecture and discussion with PhD-and MA students) on Cultural Memory & Narratives on Colonial History, Memory and Material culture at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta organized by Prof.dr. Bambang Purwanto

    2019 June: invited speaker in a PhD/Postdoc seminar, consisting of 3 lectures and a debate on the discourse of sensitive heritage topics at the School of Cultural Heritage/ Didattica Fondazione Scuola Patrimonio at the Ministry of Culture in Rome: ‘colonial narratives in European museums’, ‘in-and exclusion of Islamic art and culture in museums’ and ‘national museums in Israel and Jordan: narratives of contested history’ .

    2015 March: 'Heritage, Memory & Museums'- UvA MA class with Ihab Saloul, Mirjam Shatanawi, Chiara de Cesare, Steph Scholten and UvA MA Museum Studies students Inge den Oudsten, Nikki Dijkshoorn and Eva Goth for Jordanese museum professionals in the National Museum of Jordan Amman

    2008 May: 'Dutch Travellers and Russian Collections', in collaboration with NIP (Dutch Institute in St. Petersburg)



    ‘Tervuren en de Toekomst van Koloniale Collecties, dNBG (de Nederlandse Boekengids) augustus/september 2019

    Das Antiken Museum gibt es nicht’ review of Berger, Frederik, Inszenierung der Antike Präsentationskonzepte in öffentliche Antikenmuseen des 19. Jahrhunderts in Deutschland, Philippika 99, Harrassowitz Verlag, in BABESCH, Bulletin Antieke Beschaving (in print)

    ’The costliest handicrafts of the world. Islamic Art at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague’, in Huygens, Ch. And L. Mols (eds.), Splendour and Bliss. Arts of the Islamic World  [ex.cat.] Waanders 2018

    ‘Het universum van Caspar Reuvens- De kennishonger van Leidens eerste directeur, weerspiegeld in zijn bibliotheek’, in: Ter Keurs, P. en Willem Wirtz (eds.), Rijksmuseum van Oudheden Leiden. Een geschiedenis van 200 jaar, Waanders 2018

    'Antiquity & Conflict: Some Historical Remarks on a Matter of Selection', in: Kila, J. and J.A. Zeidler: Cultural Heritage in the Crosshairs Brill, Leiden/Boston 2013 [peer reviewed]

    'Het buitenhuis van Osman Hamdi Bey aan de Bosporus Een lieu de mémoire van culturele transformatie in Turkije". review of Edhem Eldem's Nazli’s guestbook. Osman Hamdi Bey’s circle (Homer Kitabevi ve Yayincilik Ltd., 2014), in Virtus 22-2015, pp. 236- 241

    ‘Een woord van dank aan Ad de Jong. Over het belang van de KOG leerstoel en haar rol in de vernieuwing van museumstudies’, in: Rappard, Ch. Zou Huizinga tevreden zijn? Kunst en geschiedenis in één museale presentatie: Kruisbestuiving of Stoorzender? Symposium on the occasion of Ad de Jong, who hold the special chair funded by  KOG (2014)

    'Schrijven met Licht. Fotografie uit het Midden-Oosten', in De internet Gids, 29 maart 2013

    'Mercantile Spirit and Artistic Appreciation. A museum historical approach to collections of Islamic Art and Culture' , to be published (Collecting the Muslim World)

    Exhibiting the Past. Caspar Reuvens and the Museums of Antiquity in Europe (1800-1840), with a forword of Ian Jenkins, Brepols, Turnhout 2012 [peer reviewed]

    'Het Museum van de 21 ste eeuw en de Cultuurgeschiedenis van de Oudheid', in Allard Pierson Magazine, okt. 2012

    Fragments & Frictions, 'Enkele gedachten over een cultuurhistorische bestudering van oudheden' (reflections on a culturalhistorical approach to antiquity) Reflections on an exhibition in 2010. Erfgoedlab # '2, Allard Pierson Museum, nov. 2011

    'Een Museum van Oudheden in Amsterdam', in:  l'Oeuil excellent , Mededelingenblad Allard Pierson Museum 98-99 april, speciale editie: Feestbundel Robert Lunsingh Scheurleer   2009, 44-47

    'Museumarcheologie: nieuw perspectief voor oude verzamelingen', met co-auteur/editor  Gert-Jan van Wijngaarden,  Tijdschrift Mediterrane Archeologie 41, 2009

    'The Urge to exhibit. The Egyptian and Etruscan Museumsin the Vatican at the Dawn of a Nationalist Era in Europe (1815-1840)', in:  Fragmenta (Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut Rome) Brepols, (1) 2008, 37-62 ( See PdF via UvA DARE (http://dare.uva.nl/record/294283)

    'Omwille van 'de algemeene beschaving der natie'. Caspar Reuvens en het onderwijs   in de archeologie', in: Cordfunke, E.H.P. (et al)  Loffelijke verdiensten van de archeologie'. C.J.C. Reuvens als grondlegger van de moderne Nederlandse archeologie , Verloren, Hilversum 2007, 73-90.

    'Een Rijksmuseum in wording. Het Archaeologisch Cabinet in Leiden onder het directoraat van Caspar Reuvens (1818-1835)', in:  De Negentiende Eeuw , jrg.27, nr.4, dec. 2003.

    'On the exhibition plans of Greek sculpture at Leiden ', Pharos,  Journal of the Netherlands Institute in Athens X (2002), 157-167.







    The East & Europe, Research Group at ARTES UvA



    2021 (announced)

    August: Poznan XXIII World Congres of the International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICHS); invited speaker in the panel ‘Memory- Antiquity- Identity’, lecture on Cultural Memory Production on loot from the Java War  (Indonesia), title to be specified (postponed conference originally intended to be held in 2020)

    November: key note lecture (title to be announced) in the conference 'Religion and Heritage: Futures for Religious Pasts', Amsterdam. Organized in collaboration between NGG, AHM/UvA and the Meertens Institute

    2021 panelmember  ‘Sporen van Kolonialisme. Roofkunst in Nederland’ Spui 25, panellid met Pieter ter Keurs en Wim Manuhutu, georganiseerd door Spui in Spé, studentenredactie (subject: Traces of Colonialism. Looted art in the Netherlands'.

    2020 discussion leader, 'De Tranen van Ang', Volksoperahuis Amsterdam (music theatre) different performances of a play dealing with colonialism, contested history, and material culture as a vehicle for discussion


    November : ‘Concerning Collections with Colonial contexts. Discourses and Dialogues in Academic Research and Cultural Politics’, invited speaker in a seminar with dr. Robert Verhoogt and Aminudin Siregar (Min. OC&W) at the 3rd conference Indonesia Now 2019 in De Brakke Grond, organized by Dutch Culture


    November:  ‘Framing Persia: Conflict, Ideology, Racism and Aesthetics in Western Collections of Islamic Art since Humanism’at International Symposium ‘Material Entanglements in the Islamic World: New Approaches to Islamic Archaeology & Ceramics, Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University.


    June: The East & Europe, international conference adjacant to the exhibition 'Encounters with the Orient', UvA Special Collections/ Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam (organisation, fundraising and lecture on 'Islam as an Issue in Museum collections'.


    November 20th: The long 19th century and the exhibition of antique sculpture, in 'Exposer le sculpture',  Musée Rodin, Paris

    March 14th-19th: MA Class Museum & Heritage Studies in Amman (Ministry of Antiquities), Jordan

    January 28th:'Islam as an Issue. Dillemma's in 19th century Museums of Antiquity, Amsterdam Centre Middle Eastern Studies Research Convention Program, UvA

    January 7th:  'Inconvenience and ignorance. Islam in Dutch Museums of Art and Antiquity', in the symposium 'Reconciliation and Restitution', on the occasion of the honorary doctorate of Charlotte van Rappard, Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam


    December 19th: 'On collecting antiquities: the private making public' , Vrienden van het Allard Pierson Museum, dec. 19th 2012.

    January 9th 'Mecca and another approach of heritage' in:  Sites in the City , symposium in National Museum of Antqiuities Leiden


    November 25th  'X.Archeografie en Archeologie' in de Bibliotheca Reuvensiana', enkele gedachten over een geleerdenbibliotheek',  on the Bibliotheca Reuvensiana (Library of Prof. Reuvens) on the occasion of a symposium on Reception of Antiquity, National Museum of Antiquity Leiden/ RMO

    October 7th:  'Mercantile Spirit and Artistic Appreciation. A museum historical approach to collections of Islamic Art and Culture' on the occasion of symposium for Prof. dr. Jan Just Witkam:  Collecting the Muslim World  (red. Léon Buskens) , Leiden University. 

    January 13th:  'Het verlies van de Bibliotheca Reuvensiana: een Pleidooi voor voor behoud van historische bibliotheken', on the occasion of Mieke Beumers' farewell as a curator at the Artis Library,  Amsterdam


    November: Presentation in Expertmeeting on Islam and Museums, KIT, nov. 12th, Amsterdam 2010.

    October, 'Re-using the Mould: Museums of Antiquity, Academies of Art and the collection of Plastercasts', for the occasion of the symposium and book presentation of 'Picturing Art History. The Rise of the Illustrated History of Art in the Eighteenth Century (AUP) by Ingrid R. Vermeulen,The Hague Koninklijke Bibliotheek 

    October: 'In het Oog, in het Hart', Lecture in Symposium on Plastercasts and Academies of Art, Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten AmsterdamLecture on Universal History and Museums at Faculty of Archaeology in Leiden, March 16th 2010

    November 10th: Het Universele Museum van Caspar Reuvens, for Friends of the National Museum of Antiquity Leiden (RMO).


    November 15th : Orhan Pamuks Museum of Innocence: An Artists Studio, for the occasion of the symposium 'Windows on Collections' (ed. Charlie Smid) in the Dutch Institute of Istanbul


     And further...

    • Commision Allard Pierson Lecture with Hanneke Ronnes (Heritage & Memory Studies) and Wim Hupperetz (Allard Pierson Museum); responsible for the annual Allard Pierson Lecture on Museum- and Heritage Studies 
    • Member of Amsterdam Centre of Middle Eastern Studies
    • Member of Research Centre of Material Culture Leiden
    'Schrijven met Licht. Fotografie uit het Midden Oosten', De internet-Gids 29-3-2013 M. Mathijsen,'Exhibiting the Past. Caspar Reuvens and the Museums of Antiquity in Europa', review in vol.25, issue 3, Oxford Journal of the History of Collections Antiquity & Conflict: Some Historical Remarks on a Matter of Selection, in Kila, J. and Zeidler, J. 2013
  • Publicaties


    • Hoijtink, M. (2013). Antiquity & conflict: some historical remarks on a matter of selection. In J. D. Kila, & J. A. Zeidler (Eds.), Cultural heritage in the crosshairs: protecting cultural property during conflict (pp. 315-327). (Heritage and identity). Leiden: Brill. https://doi.org/10.1163/9789004251427_016 [details]


    • Hoijtink, M. (2018). Het universum van Caspar Reuvens: De kennishonger van Leidens eerste directeur, weerspiegeld in zijn bibliotheek. In P. ter Keurs, & W. Wirtz (Eds.), Rijksmuseum van Oudheden Leiden: Een geschiedenis van 200 jaar (pp. 43-50). Rijksmuseum van Oudheden. [details]
    • Hoijtink, M. H. E. (2018). 'Het kostelijkst kunsthandwerk der wereld'. Islamitische kunst in het Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. In Glans & Geluk.: Kunst uit de Wereld van de Islam (pp. 30-37, 259-260 (English summary))). Waanders Uitgevers.


    • Hoijtink, M. (2015). Het Buitenhuis van Osman Hamdi Bey aan de Bosporus : Een lieu de mémoire van culturele transformatie in Turkije: [Bespreking van: E. Eldem (2014) Nazlı'nın defteri : Osman Hamdi Bey'in çevresi = Nazlı's guestbook : Osman Hamdi Bey’s circle]. Virtus, 22, 236-241. https://virtusjournal.org/article/view/31839 [details]


    • Hoijtink, M. (2012). Exhibiting the past: Caspar Reuvens and the museums of antiquities in Europe, 1800-1840. (Papers on archaeology of the Leiden Museum of Antiquities; No. 7). Turnhout: Brepols. [details]


    • Hoijtink, M. (2011). Fragments & frictions: Enkele gedachten over een cultuurhistorische bestudering van oudheden. In T. Vugts (Ed.), Fragments & frictions (pp. 12-18). (UvA ErfgoedLab; No. 2). Amsterdam: UvA ErfgoedLab. [details]


    • Hoijtink, M., & van Wijngaarden, G. J. (2009). Museumarcheologie: nieuw perspectief voor oude verzamelingen. TMA: tijdschrift voor mediterrane archeologie, 21(41), 1-3. [details]



    • Pool, H. A. (2021). Soli Deo Gloria: Het Bijbels Museum van ds. Leendert Schouten (1828-1905) als getuigenis van de profetische en historische waarheid van de Bijbel: Een dubbelbiografie. [details]


    • den Oudsten, I. (2020). A chance for change? New media and visitor meanings in the transforming museum. [details]
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