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dhr. dr. D.G. (Dennis) Ioffe

Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Capaciteitsgroep Slavische talen en culturen
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    Dr Dennis G. Ioffe is a research fellow at the UvA Slavic Seminarium and the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA). He holds a PhD in Cultural Analysis and Slavic Studies from the University of Amsterdam (2009).
    Dennis Ioffe's primary appointment is at the rank of Assistant Professor ("Doctor-Assistent") appointed by the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy ( Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte ) at Ghent University, Belgium.    
    During the academic year of 2008-2009 Dennis was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian and German studies at Memorial University (St John's, Canada).       

    In 2011 he has served as Teaching & Research Fellow, managing the Russian Centre at the University of Edinburgh, (Scotland, the UK).     

    Dr Ioffe has authored more than 50 scholarly articles, edited/co-edited several academic collections.  His publications appeared in "Studies in Slavic Cultures", "Russian Literature", "Slavic & East European Journal", "Russkii Journal", "Acta Semiotica Fennica", "Kritika i Semiotika", "New Zealand Slavonic Journal", "Philologica", "Tijdschrift voor Slavische Literatuur", "Jews & Slavs", "Slavica Occitania", etc.  
    Book-chapters and contributions he penned were issued with such series and publishing companies as: "Studies in Slavic Literature and Poetics" (Amsterdam-New York), "Academic Studies Press" (Boston), "Nauka Publishers" (Moscow), "Elsevier Science" (Amsterdam-Oxford), "Pegasus Oost-Europese Studies" (Amsterdam), "Rodopi" (Amsterdam-New York), "Akademicheskii Proekt" (Sankt-Petersburg), "Open Society Institute" (Budapest), "Ladomir Research Publishing" (Moscow), "Magnes Academic Press" (Jerusalem), "ROSSPEN" (Moscow), etc.

    He delivered over 30 conference presentations at major international venues: USA, Germany, Russia, the UK, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Israel, Finland, Serbia, Belgium, France, Ukraine, Canada.    

    Broadly speaking Dennis's specializations include Russian and East-European civilization (politics and culture) language instruction at all levels, Soviet/post-Soviet politics, media research and analysis, distance learning, curriculum development and instructional design.

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    Selected bibliography

    The Russian Philology under Stalin, Elsevier Science BV, Boston-Amsterdam 2008

    The Discourses of Somatics and Eroticism in Russian Culture (ed.), Moscow, 2008

    The Legacies of Experiment in Russian Culture, Elsevier Science BV, Boston-Amsterdam 2011

    NWO collaborative grant

    The Russian Avant-Garde and Radical Modernism

    Slavic poetics and theory

    The "Russian Journal" essays

    Amsterdam Narratology

    Leven en kunst gaan samen in Russisch modernisme.

    The Russian Avant-Garde. Sources, Practice and Significance

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  • University teaching and research interests

    University teaching and research interests

    Broadly speaking Dennis's specialisations include Russian and East-European civilisation (politics and culture), Soviet/post-Soviet politics, media research and analysis, distance learning, curriculum development and instructional design.
    Main fields of comparative research encompass: the language and culture of the Russian Modernism, Narratology Russian Symbolism, Avant-Garde, Philosophy of Language, Semiotics of culture, Moscow Art-conceptualism,Russian-Jewish cultural relations, Soviet art of the dissent, Radical Left movements, Politics of language, Discourse analysis.  
    Academic employment includes a research fellowship at the University of Amsterdam where Dennis Ioffe is responsible for several research projects (Elsevier Science BV), working as managing and contributing editor at the "Amsterdam Narratology" journal since 2003.   
    During 2008-2009 Dr Ioffe has also worked as an Assistant Professor of Russian and German Studies at Memorial University (Canada) with complete responsibility for undergraduate and graduate teaching and full curriculum administration.    
    In 2011 Dr Ioffe worked at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland, the UK) as a research and teaching fellow at the Princess Dashkova Russian Centre, managing all the relevant activities of this University Centre.
    Since September 2011 Dennis Ioffe serves as an Assistant Professor ("Doctor-Assistent") appointed by the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy at Ghent University, Belgium. His activities there include conducting and publishing independent research approved by the University. Stimulating the research output of other team members that lead to scholarly publications which can be valorized by the Faculty of Arts in terms of Inter-University and Inter-Faculty funding mechanisms.Teaching graduate courses at the MA level across the curriculum.
    Selected teaching experience during the last 7 years:
    Culture courses (full standard responsibility for teaching and grading):
    Russian 2900 (History of Russian Culture I): A chronological study of the evolution of Russian culture and intellectual history from pre-Christian ancient Rus' until approximately 1917.
    Russian 2901 (History of Russian Culture II): A study of the evolution of Russian culture in the XX century.
    Graduate program in Humanities (Humanities 6030, Spring 2009) Theory Seminar: "Avant-garde grotesque pragmatics".
    Language/ elementary translation studies courses (full responsibility forall instruction and grading):
    Russian 1000 (Elementary Russian Language I): For beginners. Introduction to the fundamentals of Russian.
    Russian 2010 (Intermediate Russian Language I): Continuation of the study of basic grammar, reading and oral skills.
    Russian 2011 (Intermediate Russian Language II): Continuation of Russian 2010.
    Russian Studies Honours Language Course (Beginners and Advanced).    
    "Business Russian" special courses tailored for the Dutch businessmen interested in pursuing the East-European direction in their entrepreneurship. 
    Previous extensive teaching/research experience as TA and Graduate Assistant at the Universities of Amsterdam and Haifa. 
    His teaching interests represent a wide range of courses in the Humanities, including, but not limited to:
    Various historical/cultural topics in Russian and European Studies (including politics and media) 
    Russian literature (various periods)
    Semiotics and philosophy of language
    Theory (literature and culture)
    Russian and International Modernism as interdisciplinary phenomenon
    Russian civilization/history (various periods)
    Russian and West-European cinema (main landmarks)
    Contemporary Russian politics and Russian new media
    Russia and the EU; the relations of the post-Soviet states with the EU
    Russian and Soviet visual culture (Russian art from the Middle Ages to Avant-Garde and Postmodernism)
    Soviet history and politics
    Russian "Orientalism"
    Russian-Jewish cultural relations.

  • Publicaties


    • Ioffe, D. (2011). K osmysleniju tradicii ėksperimenta v russkoj kul'ture: ispytanie kak priem: vvedenie k vypusku. Russian Literature, 69(2-4), 169-182. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ruslit.2011.08.001 [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2011). U probleme svetonosnych lučej solica i religii v kontekstu kul'turnych ustremlenij russkogo modernizma: zametki k teme. In N. V. Zlydneva, M. L. Spivak, & T. V. Civ'jan (Eds.), Chudožnik i ego tekst: russkij avangard: istorija, razvitie, značenie: k 80-letiju Vjačeslava Vsevolodoviča Ivanova (pp. 330-353). Moskva: Nauka. [details]


    • Ioffe, D. (2010). Gustav Shpet religii︠a︡ i problema Znaka: imi︠a︡slavie vs. fenomenologii︠a︡ I semiologii︠a︡ ( k pervichnoǐ postanovke voprosa). In Gustav Shpet i ego filosofskoe nasledie: u istokov semiotiki i strukturalizma (pp. 192-200). Moskva: Rossiǐskai︠a Politicheskai︠a Ėnciclopedii︠a (ROSSPEN). [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2010). [Review of: M. Klimova (2009) Moi︠a︡ teorii︠a︡ literatury]. In Unknown Kharkov, Moscow: IntelRos, MacArthur Foundation. [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2010). Идеология авангарда как феномен фантома. Посцкриптум к дискуссии = The ideology of the avant-garde as a phantom phenomenon: a postscript to the discussion. Russian Literature, 67(3-4), 417-441. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ruslit.2010.10.008 [details]


    • Ioffe, D. (2009). Eščo raz K voprosu o teorii znaka i roli Drevnego Egipta v kontekste Chlebnikova: vzgljad sub specie semioticae na predmet odyševlenija znaka. In V. V. Ivanov (Ed.), Russkaja antropologičeskaja škola (pp. 241-258). Moskva: Russian State University for the Humanities. [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2009). Homo somatikos and homo ludens in Russian modernist life-creation: sign-systems and the transgressive 'plastic gesture'. Acta semiotica fennica, 34, 640-651. [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2009). Ideologija avangarda kak fenomen fantoma: postskriptum k dikussii. In K. Ičin (Ed.), Avangard i Ideologija: Russkie primery Avant-garde and ideology: Russian cases (pp. 43-67). Belgrad: Filologičeskij Fak. Belgradskogo Univ.. [details]


    • Dobrenko, E., & Ioffe, D. (2008). Вступление. Russian Literature, 63(2-4), 167-171. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ruslit.2008.04.002 [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2008). 'The discourses of love': some observations regarding Charles Baudelaire in the context of Brjusov's and Blok's vision of the 'Urban Woman'. Russian Literature, 64(1), 19-45. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ruslit.2008.07.002 [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2008). Ancient Egypt as the other: Russian silver age at the crossroads of cultural fashions. New Zealand Slavonic Journal, 42, 157-168. [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2008). Gustave Chpet, la religion et le problème du signe (glorification du nom vs phénoménologie et sémiologie). Slavica Occitania, 26, 149-159. [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2008). K voprosu o besslovesnosti, bespredmetnosti i tradit︠s︡ii Vizantiǐskogo isikhazma: Kazimir Malevich, radikalʹnai︠a︡ modernistskai︠a︡ abstrakt︠s︡ii︠a︡ i problema otobrazhenii︠a︡ onticheskoǐ tishiny (Predvaritelʹnye zamechanii︠a︡). In W. G. Weststeijn (Ed.), The Case of the Avant-Garde: Delo Avangarda (pp. 581-616). (Pegasus Oost-Europese Studies). Amsterdam: Pegasus. [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2008). K voprosu ob eroticheskom substrate fenomena modernstskogo zhiznetvorchestva: sluchai Bloka i Kharmsa: modelirovanie tekstov zhizni i tekstov poėzii. In D. H. Ioffe (Ed.), Diskursy telesnosti i ėrotisma v literature i kul'ture: ėpocha modernizma (pp. 241-299). (Russkai︠a︡ potaennai︠a︡ literatura). Moscow: Ladomir scholarly publishers. [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2008). Kont︠s︡ept︠s︡ii︠a︡ kineticheskogo personazha v rakurse bakhtinskoǐ teorii literaturnogo geroi︠a︡. In E. de Haard, W. Honselaar, & J. Stelleman (Eds.), Literature and beyond: Festschrift for Willem G. Weststeijn. -vol. 1 (pp. 347-361). (Pegasus Oost-Europese Studies; No. 11). Amsterdam: Pegasus. [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2008). Russian and European Modernism and the idea of life-creation. Studies in Slavic Literature and Poetics, 51, 151-180. [details]
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    • Ioffe, D. (2008). Transcende te ipsum. Дионисийская константа модернистского мифа - «Смерть в Венеции» Томаса Манна в контексте европейской мифопоэтики. Заметки к вопросу о критическом изучении сновидческого нарративa. Kritika i Semiotika, 12, 192-230. [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2008). Velimir Chlebnikov i diskurs Vostoka: Sufizm, bukvy, chisla i mistika islamskogo dukhovnogo zhiznedeǐstvii︠a︡. In V. Chlěbnikov (Ed.), Doski sud'by Velimira Chlebnikova: tekst i konteksti (pp. 547-637). Moscow: Tri Kvadrata Academic Publishers. [details]
    • Ioffe, D. (2008). Пассивное противостояние диамату на пути к онтологии и феноменологии: Имяславие и критическое неогумбольдтианство: русские религиозные философы и Густав Шпет = The passive opposition to dialectical materialism on the way to ontology and phenomenology: 'Imiaslavie' and critical neo-Humboldtianism: Russian religious philosophers and Gustav Shpet. Russian Literature, 63(2-4), 293-366. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ruslit.2008.04.008 [details]


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    • Ioffe, D. (editor) (2007). Amsterdam International Electronic Journal for Cultural Narratology (Journal).


    • Ioffe, D. (speaker) (15-6-2007). Homo Somatikos and Homo Ludens. Russian Modernist Life-Creation as a Sign-System (the Notion of the Transgressive 'Plastic Gesture', The 9th world congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (AIS), Helsinki.
    • Ioffe, D. (speaker) (2-6-2007). The 'White colors' and the 'Solar Deities' in Russian Culture of the Avant-Garde, International Research conference, Moscow State University Institute of World Culture, Salvic Languages and Literatures, University of Amsterdam, Moscow.


    • Ioffe, D. (participant) (27-12-2007 - 30-12-2007). Annual conference of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL), Chicago. Russian Modernist Life-Creation, it's decadent milieu and cultural roots (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Ioffe, D. (participant) (21-11-2007 - 24-11-2007). Congress, Bordeaux. Gustave Chpet et son héritage: Aux sources russes du structuralisme et de la sémiotique. Creuset d'influences et intériorisation des marges (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
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