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Dr. O. (Olga) Nieuwenhuijs

Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
Programmagroep: Governance and Inclusive Development
Fotograaf: onbekend

  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Postbus 15629
    1001 NC Amsterdam
  • Profiel

    Professional record

      Courses taught                              

    2004-                        1) Theories and politics of International Development (MA, core course international development studies).

                                    2 ) Childhood(s) in the Global South: Postcolonial Perspectives (MA, elective international development studies).

    1991-1998             1) Child Labour and development

                                2) NGOs and children's participation in development

    1986-89                1) Gender and development

    Editorial membership

    2006-                      E ditor of Childhood, A Global Joutrnal of Child Research (SAGE).

    2004-                      Member international advisory board of the journal Children's Geographies (Taylor and Francis).


    PhD committees (recent)

    2012                 External examiner Université de Liège (Belgium) (Thesis by Joséphine Wouango on public actrion against child labour in Burkina Faso, thesis supervisor professor Marc Poncelet).


    External examiner NTNU Trondheim, Human Geography(Thesis by Tatek Abebe on children's rights in Ethiopia )   

                            External Examiner University Nijmegen, Gender Studies (on the rights of refugee children)

    2004                 External examiner Dept of Social Anthropology, University Sussex

    2002                 University of Copenhagen , Department of Anthropology.

    International seminars (recent).

    2009                 Conveener International Workshop "Living  Rights: Theorizing Children's Rights and Development", University Fribourg, Kurt Bosch Institute Sion, Switzerland.

    2008                 Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi.

    2006-08             Guest teacher Freie Universitat Berlin and Universite de Fribourg (Zwitserland)

    2006                  Exchange visitor, John's Hopkins , USA

    2005                  University Edinburgh; NOSEB, NTNU Trondheim ;

    2004                  DRC, University Sussex ; Johns Hopkins, Baltimore.

    2003                  Norwegian Centre for Child Research, NOSEB, NTNU, Trondheim ; University Institute Kurt Bösch, Sion;

    2002                  TU Berlin;

    2001                  Exchange Visitor Advanced Study Center, International Institute, University of Michigan at Ann Arbour.

    University of Copenhague ; Gustav Stresemann Institute Bonn .

    2000                  Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris; Institut de Récherche sur le Développement, Paris;

    Research awards

    2006-07            Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Resarch (NWO/WOTRO), Travel grant

    2006                  Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research (NWO/WOTRO), Research grant 

    1995-1999          Minister of Development Cooperation ( Netherlands ), Research grant 

    1992                  Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research (NWO/WOTRO) , Research grant

    1981                  Minister of Development Cooperation ( Netherlands ), Research grant 

    1978-1980        Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research (NWO/WOTRO), PhD grant 


    1990                  Doctorate in the Social Sciences (Free University, Amsterdam ). Promotor: Professor P. Kloos, co-promotor Dr L. Schenk-Sandbergen.

    1978                  Doktoraalexamen in Development Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Am-ster-dam .

    1972                  Kandidaatsexamen Sociology, Uni-versity of Amster-dam .

    1968                  Diplôme Universitaire d'Etudes Littéraires (So-ciolo-gy), Sorbonne, Uni-ver-sityof Paris.

    1966                  Diploma di Maturità Scientifica, Liceo Italiano Leonardo da Vinci ( Paris ).

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    Research projects

    Research group: Livelihoods, Environment and Governance

    Research projects 1. Living rights: Theorizing Children's Rights in International Development (with Karl Hanson , IUKB, Université de Fribourg, Zwitserland and Pamela Reynolds, John's Hopkins University ).

    The project aims at reflecting on how a local understanding of children's rights, in particular by children in the South themselves, can be translated to the international child rights community. It wishes to move beyond the widely decried problem of implementation by turning the issue on its head. Main themes:

    Social justice : which ethics of children's rights are prevalent in international development work for children and what is their actual influence in shaping the debates? Living rights : how do children in the developing world conceptualise and make use of their rights? Translations : how does top down implementation of children's rights affect children? What are experiences with and conditions for successful reverse translations of children's living rights? What are the trajectories of both translations?

    2. Globalisation, exclusion and the politics of childhood in Central Kerala : The case of private schools .

    The research is about the role of long distance migration in changing children's lifeworlds and conceptions of childhood in Central Kerala . The rise of private schools is linked to the now firmly established phenomenon of transnational migration towards countries in the Middle East .  What interest me is in how far migration and the privatization of schooling translates in " global " cultural childhood practices: children's rooms, birthday parties, toys, dress, games, recreation. The other side of the coin is the childhood experience of  the 'left behind': in what ways do migration and private schooling affect customary practices that valued work and self-sacrifice among poor children? Do these children try to catch up with their more fortunatepeers or is there a growing gap between two experiences of childhood?  In other words, is globalization leading to more or less child labour in Central  Kerala ?

    3. The new anthropology of childhood

    Anthropologists have increasingly been drawn into addressing pressing global issues such as child soldiers, AIDS-orphans, street children, child labour, and so on. This has involved a deep paradigmaticbreak with earlier anthropological theories of childhood and with the role of anthropologists researching children. The research project seeks to outline the theory on which this new anthropology of childhood is based. 

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    Main Publications

    ·           From child labour to working children's movements. In: Qvortrup, W. Corsaro and M.S. Honig, The Handbook of childhood studies , Palgrave, pp. 289-300, 2009

    ·           Is there an Indian Childhood?, Childhood , A Global Journal of Child Research, 16 (2): 147-153, 2009

    ·           The ethics of children's rights. Childhood, A Global Journal of Child Research, 15(1): 4-11.2008

    ·           Dem kolonialen Blick widerstehen, Globale Kinderarbeit und die neue politische   Agenda. In: Manfred Liebel, Ina Nnaji & Anne Wihstutz (Eds.), Kinder. Arbeit. Menschenwurde. International Beitrage zu den Rechten arbeidenter Kinder . Frankfurt am Main/London: IKO, pp.17-42, 2008.

    ·           Embedding the global womb: Child labour and the New Policy Agenda. In: S.Aitken, R. Lund & T. Kjorholt (Eds.), Global Childhoods: Globalization, Development and Young People . Londen: Routledge, pp. 149-164, 2008

    ·           Embedding the Global Womb: Child Labour and the New Policy Agenda, Children's Geographies , 5, 1-2: 149-163, 2007.

    ·           Childhood Rights in International Development , Editor, with Pamela Reynolds and Karl Hanson . Special issue of Childhood, A Global Journal of Child Research,13, 3, 2006.

    ·           Childhood Gifts, Childhood, A Global Journal of Child Research , 13, 2.

    ·           Enfants travailleurs,Rrepenser l'enfance . Lausanne: Editions Page Deux, 199 pp. (with Bonnet, M., K. Hanson, M.-F. Lange, G. Paillet and B. Schlemmer), 2006

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    ·           By the sweat of their brow? Street children, NGOs and children's rights in Addis Ababa , Africa ,71(4):539-557, 2001. (a)

    ·           The household economy and the commercial exploitation of children's work, The case of Kerala, in: B. Schlemmer (ed.), The Exploited Child , London and New York : ZED, pp. 278-291, 2000.

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    ·           Spaces for children of the urban poor: Experiences with participatory action research, Environment and Urbanization , 9,1 : 233-249, 1997. (d)

    ·           Global Childhood and the Politics of Contempt, in: Alternatives, 23, p. 267-289, 1998.

    ·           The paradox of child labour and anthropology, in: Annual Review of Anthropology , 25: 237-51,1996.

    ·           Action Research with Street Children: ARole for Street Educators, PLA Notes ,1996.

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    • India, The Philippines, Bolivia, Peru and the Netherlands, 2006-07: Project director, Evaluation street children and child labour policy, Cordaid.
    • Kerala 2006-07. Field research. Globalisation, exclusion and the politics of childhood in Central Kerala: The case of private schools, December-February, NWO and AMIDSt.
    • Germany (Berlin). 2003-2006. Conveener University of Amsterdam, European Network of Masters in Children's Rights. EU and various European Universities.
    • France (Paris). 2001. Conveener (with B. Schlemmer) of international conference "Rethinking Childhood, Working Children's Challenge to the Social Sciences". IRD and AMIDSt.
    • Tadjikistan. 2000. Evaluation: Children's rights during transition. CARE Deutschland
    • Addis Ababa. 1995-8. Project director, Child Welfare for the Urban Poor. DGIS
    • South India. 1994-99 Project director:  Child Welfare for the Urban Poor, DGIS.
    • Kerala. 1992. Field research: The interface between the marine environment and the fishing community, with special reference to women and children June/August. NWO/WOTRO. 
  • Publicaties





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    • Nieuwenhuys, O. (editor) (2010). Children's Geographies (Journal).
    • Nieuwenhuys, O. (editor) (2010). Childhood (Journal).
    • Nieuwenhuys, O. (editor) (2010). Children's Geographies (Journal).
    • Nieuwenhuys, O. (editor) (2010). Journal of Gender Studies (Journal).
    • Nieuwenhuys, O. (editor) (2010). MAST, Maritime Studies (Journal).
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