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mw. A. (Asli) Ozgen-Tuncer PhD

Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Capaciteitsgroep Media & Cultuur

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    Asli completed her PhD at Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, and she currently teaches at Media Studies Department at University of Amsterdam. Her research interests lie at the intersection of politics of aesthetics, historiographies of media, and feminist interventions to the theory of history. She also teaches in the Master's programme Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image at UvA. 

    Also a film critic, Asli has contributed to several edited volumes, festival catalogues, and popular magazines as well as speaking at various panels, festivals, and screenings. Since 2014, she is serving at the Editorial Board of Altyazi monthly film magazine in Turkey. She is a member of European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS), International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI), Early Cinema Colloquium, Women Film Pioneers Project at Columbia University, and Walking Artists Network in the UK.

    In the past, she has co-organised the Deleuze Reading Group: Film-Philosophical Encounters at UvA, and several conferences and workshops. Currently, she is part of the team that organises Women and the Silent Screen Conference. 


    The Image of Walking: Aesthetics and Politics of Cinematic Pedestrianism

    Taking departure from today’s urban politics, forms of activism, and media culture related to walking, this research investigates the ways in which urban pedestrianism has been articulated in film as resistance to the dominant politics of space, and thereby created a new aesthetics of movement. This diachronical research visits six ‘moments’ in film history, ranging from the industrial urbanisation in the late 19th century to the emergence of globalised cities in the 1970s.


    Articles in Refereed Journals

    "Women on the Move: The Politics of Walking in Agnes Varda". Deleuze Studies Journal , Volume 6.1 (2012): 103-116.

    Translated Books

    Ozden, Baris Alp. Working Class Formation in Turkey 1946-1962 (ongoing).

    Shusterman, Richard. Canli Performans: Sanatin Tikanmis Damarlari icin Estetik Alternatifler. (Original title: Performing Live: Aesthetic Alternatives for the Ends of Art.) to be published soon

    Chapters in Edited Volumes                                                                                     

    "Probing (the) Province: New Landscapes of New Cinema from Turkey", in Cannes Film Festival, Contemporary Turkish Cinema Booklet , Gozde Onaran & Firat Yucel (eds.)

    "Zamansallik ve Kacis," in Reha Erdem Sinemasi: Ask ve Isyan , Firat Yucel (ed.), Istanbul: Citlembik Yayinlari, 2009, pp. 87-107.

    [An article that analyses body and temporality in the films of Reha Erdem, a contemporary Turkish director. The book is a monograph on his filmography.]

    ---- & John Wall, "Mobile Space: Orhan Pamuk's Postmodernist House of the Cosmos" in Mediations in Cultural Spaces: Structure, Sign, Body , John Wall (ed.), London: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008, pp. 136-154.

    Catalogue Entries

    "The Cinematic Istanbul", in the catalogue of films set in Istanbul, published and prepared by Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency, December 2010.

    [An introductory article that analyses the image of Istanbul as a cinematic city in local and international productions from a chronological and thematical perspective.]

    Articles in Popular Magazines (Selection)

    I have been writing film criticism for Altyazi film magazine, to which I have been contributing since 2009 and serving as a member of Editorial Board since 2014. Altyazi has a circulation of 9000 in Turkey (www.altyazi.net). Several of my articles have been published in other magazines and online journals such as Toplumsal Tarih  (Social History) and Bianet. A full list of film reviews and analyses that appeared in popular media may be provided upon request. Below is a selection of recent publications:

    “Lois Weber and Shoes”, Altyazi 162, June 2016.

    --- & Aylin Kuryel, “From the Screen to Squares: Merci Patron and Nuit Debout”, Altyazi 162, June 2016.

    “Hitchcock Silents”, Altyazi 161, May 2016.

    “The Travelling Panoramas of Istanbul”, Toplumsal Tarih [Social History], November 2015.


    “Images of Revolution: Looking for Everyday Life in Rojava”, Visualising the Street Conference, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, Amsterdam, June 2016.

    “The Aesthetics of Drift: Renaissance perspective and diagonal movement in Lumière films”, Seventh International Deleuze Studies Conference, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, July 2014.

    “From Animal Locomotion to Flânerie: Aesthetics and Politics of Movement in Early Cinema”, Film-Philosophy Conference: Beyond Film. University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, July 2013.

    “Cinematic Pedestrianism, or the Emergence of Cinematic Movement”, Conference On Walking, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, June 2013.

    “Defining Cinematic Pedestrianism”, NECS Conference: Media Politics, Political Media. Charles University Faculty of Arts, Prague, June 2013.

    “The Aesthetics of Mo(ve)ment: From the Cave of Forgotten Dreams to Early Cinema”, NECS Conference: Time Networks: Screen, Media and Memory. New University of Lisbon/University of Coimbra, Lisbon, June 2012.

    “Women of the Street in Turkish Cinema: Flâneuse or Streetwalker?”, 10th New Directions in Turkish Film Studies Conference, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, May 2011.

    “L’année Dernière á Istanbul: Tanpinar’s Memory-Space and the Ritournelle.” Third International Deleuze Studies Conference, University of Amsterdam, June 2010.

    “Temporality of the Body in Reha Erdem’s Films” [Roundtable Guest Speaker], 9th New Directions in Turkish Film Studies Conference, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, May 2010.

    “Becoming-Woman in Shirin Neshat,” Second International Deleuze Studies Conference, University of Cologne, June 2009.

    “New Becomings Through Avant-Garde,” 14th International Cultural Studies Symposium: Redefining Postmodernism, Ege University, Izmir, April 2009.

    “On the Edge of the Möbius Strip: A Deleuzian Reading of My Name is Red,” First International Deleuze Studies Conference, Cardiff University, June 2008.

    “Tourists/Vagabonds: Mobility as the Sole Criteria of Social Stratification in the Age of Globalisation,” International Semiotics Congress, Girne American University, Northern Cyprus, June 2008.

    “Mystery of Mirrors,” Students Seminar, Ege University, Izmir, January 2004.

    --- & Idil Aydogan & Funda Civelekoglu, “From Primitive Man to the Conditioned Human: Clockwork Emotions,” 8th International Cultural Studies Symposium, Ege University, Izmir, April 2003.


    Early Cinema Colloquium VIII, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, April 2016.

    Eighth International Deleuze Camp, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, June 2014.

    Early Cinema Colloquium VI, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, April 2014.

    Masterclass with Alain Badiou: Event in Art and Politics, Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis (NICA), the Netherlands, March 2013.

    Early Cinema Colloquium V, Trier University, Germany, April 2013.

    Masterclass with Michel Chion: Trans-sensory Rhythm of Cinema, NICA, the Netherlands, December 2012.

    Early Cinema Colloquium IV, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, November 2012.

    Masterclass with Laura Marks: Enfolding/Unfolding Aesthetics, Radboud University, the Netherlands, October 2012.

    Masterclass with James Williams: Time-Quake, NICA, the Netherlands, March 2012.

    Masterclass with Catherine Malabou: Brain and Sovereignty, ASCA, the Netherlands, October 2011.

    Fifth International Deleuze Camp, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, July 2011.

    ASCA International Workshop, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, March 2011.

    Fourth International Deleuze Camp, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, July 2010.

    Third International Deleuze Camp, University of Cologne, Germany, July-August 2009.

    Summer School: Italian Renaissance, Istituto Michelangelo, Florence-Italy, June-August 2004 (on a scholarship from Italian Cultural Centre, Turkey)


    Masterclass with Professor John Protevi. Hosted by NICA (Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis), University of Amsterdam, 19 April 2014.

    Film-Philosophy Conference: Beyond Film. Hosted by ASCA, University of Amsterdam, 10-12 July 2013.

    5th NECS Graduate Workshop: Cinematic Scale. Hosted by ASCA, RMeS and Media Studies Department at the University of Amsterdam, 13-14 December 2012.

    Deleuze Reading Group: Film-Philosophical Encounters. ASCA, University of Amsterdam, September 2012-still continuing.

    ASCA International Workshop: Extremely Close and Incredibly Slow. ASCA, University of Amsterdam, 28-30 March 2012.


    Early Cinema Colloquium [research group on early and pre-cinema by Utrecht University, Trier University and Zurich University].

    FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics).

    SIYAD (Turkish Association of Film Critics).

    Walking Artists Network, UK.

    NECS (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies).


    visit academia.edu

  • Publicaties


    • Özgen Tuncer, A. (2012). Women on the move: the politics of walking in Agnès Varda. Deleuze Studies, 6(1), 103-116. DOI: 10.3366/dls.2012.0049 [details]


    • Özgen-Tuncer, A. (2018). The image of walking: The aesthetics and politics of cinematic pedestrianism [details]
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