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M. (Marijn) Stolk MA

Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Capaciteitsgroep Archeologie

  • Turfdraagsterpad 9
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    1090 GE Amsterdam
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  • Profile

    Current Research

    Marijn Stolk is currently working as a PhD-researcher at the Archaeology department of the University of Amsterdam. She takes part in the 'Diaspora and Identity  project' which focuses on the archaeological finds from cesspits from the Vlooienburg district in Amsterdam.The project seeks to refine archaeological understandings of the material expressions of ethnicity, status, gender, and religious beliefs in relation to the inhabitants of the Vlooienburg, amongst whom were many immigrants, such as Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants and Scandinavian labor migrants.

    Previous Research

    Marijn finished her Research Master Archaeology at the University of Amsterdam in 2011 and has been working as a self-employed archaeologist untill starting her PhD in september 2016. She's been involved in various excavation projects in the Netherlands and Italy, ranging from Prehistory to 18th century projects. Next to this she has been specialized in research considering metal working and she has been a board member of SAMPLE, a platform for specialized archaeological research.

  • Archaeological reports


    • M. Stolk,  Metaalslakken en sintels. In: M. F. P. Dijkstra, A. A. A. Verhoeven, & K. C. J. van Straten (Eds.), 2016: Nieuw licht op Leithon: Archeologisch onderzoek naar de vroegmiddeleeuwse bewoning in plangebied Leiderdorp-Plantage (pp.). (Themata; Vol. 8). Universiteit van Amsterdam. 
    • M. Stolk, Metaalvondsten van het Groene Lakenplein. In: Basisrapportage opgraving Groen Lakenplein, 2016, Leiden, IDDS Archeologie.


    • M. Stolk, Hoofdstuk II-7. Lood. In: Driessen, M.J./Besselsen, E. (eds.), 2014: Voorburg-Arentsburg - Een Romeinse havenstad tussen Rijn en Maas, (pp.688-696), Themata; Vol. 7). Universiteit van Amsterdam.
    • M. Stolk, Hoofdstuk II-8. Metaalslakken. In: Driessen, M.J./Besselsen, E. (eds.), 2014: Voorburg-Arentsburg - Een Romeinse havenstad tussen Rijn en Maas, (pp.697-701), Themata; Vol. 7). Universiteit van Amsterdam.


    • M. Stolk & T.P. Moesker, 2013: Archeologisch onderzoek Cuijk, Grotestraat: een Romeins graf en een Romeinse weg, Diachron notitie 119, Amsterdam.


  • Fieldwork


    • Excavation Meerstraat, Beverwijk, Netherlands (IDDS Archaeology)
    • Excavation Zeedijk, Utrecht, Netherlands. (City of Utrecht)
    • Excavation Leiden Meelfabriek, Leiden, Netherlands. (IDDS Archaeology)
    • Excavation Leiden Lakenhal, Leiden, Netherlands. (IDDS Archaeology)


    • Excavation Soest Staringlaan, Soest, Netherlands. (BAAC)
    • Excavation Crocifisso del Tufo, Orvieto , Italy. (Trust Sostratos)
    • Excavation Hoofddijk, Utrecht, Netherlands. (City of Utrecht)


    • Excavation Best Aarle, Best, Netherlands (Diachron UvA B.V.)
    • Excavation Heiloo, Netherlands (Diachron UvA B.V.)
    • Excavation: Best Dijkstraten, Best, Netherlands. (AAC/projectenbureau)
    • Excavation: Forum Hadriani, Voorburg, Netherlands. (AAC/projectenbureau)
    • Excavation: Campo della Fiera, Orvieto, Italy. (University of Macerata)
    • Excavation: Satricum, Italy. (University of Amsterdam)
  • Publicaties


    • Stolk, M. (2021). Between Trade and Tradition: Household Ceramic Assemblages from Amsterdam in the Age of Early Modern Globalization. In C. Lukezic, & J. P. McCarthy (Eds.), The Archaeology of New Netherland: A World Built on Trade (pp. 16-30). University Press of Florida. https://doi.org/10.2307/j.ctv1s5nxm7.7 [details]


    • Stolk, M. (2020). Rattles, Toys and Miniature Artefacts: Archaeological Insights into Childhood and Children’s Identities at Vlooienburg, Amsterdam ca. 1600‐1800. KLEOS : Amsterdam Bulletin of Ancient Studies and Archaeology, 3, 64-81. [details]



    • Stolk, M. (2016). Metaalslak en sintel. In M. F. P. Dijkstra, A. A. A. Verhoeven, & K. C. J. van Straten (Eds.), Nieuw licht op Leithon: Archeologisch onderzoek naar de vroegmiddeleeuwse bewoning in plangebied Leiderdorp-Plantage (pp. 449-457). (Themata; Vol. 8). Universiteit van Amsterdam. [details]



    • Stolk, M. (speaker) & Bakker, J. K. (speaker) (30-5-2021). Waterlooplein, de buurt binnenste buiten: De archeologie van het Waterlooplein., Joods Historisch Museum.
    • Stolk, M. (invited speaker) (25-4-2019). Cooking and Dining Habits & Identity in Golden Age Amsterdam, Gothenburg Ceramics 2019, Gothenburg.
    • Stolk, M. (speaker) (14-10-2018). Lezing: De Archeologie van het Waterlooplein - Joods Cultureel Kwartier, Nationale Archeologiedagen 2018, Amsterdam.
    • Stolk, M. (speaker), Milanese, M. (speaker) & Eiroa, J. (speaker) (7-9-2018). European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) 24th Annual Meeting: Session 561: Paper entitled: From Householdwaste to Hannukah - The Study of Domestic Material Culture From the Vlooienburg District in Amsterdam, ca. 1600-1800., EAA 2018 - European Association of Archaeologists , Barcelona.
    • Stolk, M. (invited speaker) (8-3-2018). Indicatie voor Immigratie: Portugees aardewerk uit Amsterdamse beerputten, 16de Belgische en Nederlandse Archeologen en Bouwhistorici (BNA) Contactdagen, Alkmaar.
    • Stolk, M. (speaker) (8-12-2017). Diaspora and identity: A Material Culture study of the Identity of Vlooienburg’s Inhabitants between 1600 and 1800., Dutch Ceramics and Glass Research Network .
    • Stolk, M. (speaker) (19-10-2017). Material Culture from Golden Age Amsterdam, Vakgroep Europese Archeologie, UvA.
    • Stolk, M. (invited speaker) (15-10-2017). De Nationale Archeologiedagen: Archeologie van het Waterlooplein, Allard Pierson Museum. https://www.archeologiedagen.nl/activiteiten/archeologie-waterlooplein/


    • Stolk, M. (participant), Symonds, J. (participant), Gawronski, J. (participant), Jayasena, R. (participant), Hell, M. (participant) & Bakker, J. (participant) (2-10-2020 - 5-4-2021). Waterlooplein: the neighbourhood inside out (exhibition) (other).
    • Symonds, J. (participant), Stolk, M. (participant), Bakker, J. K. (participant), Gawronski, J. H. G. (participant), Jayasena, R. M. (participant), Mytum, P. H. (organiser) & Orange, D. H. (organiser) (1-9-2017). European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) 23rd Annual Meeting: Session New Directions in Archaeological Studies 1500-2000, Maastricht (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
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