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mw. dr. A.D. (Dorien) Zandbergen

Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
Programmagroep: Governance and Inclusive Development

  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Kamernummer: C4.18
  • Postbus 15629
    1001 NC Amsterdam
  • Publicaties


    • Zandbergen, A. D., & Uitermark, J. L. (2019). In search of the Smart Citizen: Republican and cybernetic citizenship in the smart city. Urban Studies, [https://doi.org/10.1177/0042098019847410]. https://doi.org/10.1177/0042098019847410


    • Noorman, M., Swierstra, T., & Zandbergen, D. (2017). Questioning the normative core of RI: the challenges posed to stakeholder engagement in a corporate setting. In L. Asveld, R. van Dam-Mieras, T. Swierstra, S. Lavrijssen, K. Linse, & J. van den Hoven (Eds.), Responsible Innovation 3: A European Agenda? (pp. 231-249). Cham: Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-64834-7_13 [details]
    • Sharon, T., & Zandbergen, D. (2017). From data fetishism to quantifying selves: Self-tracking practices and the other values of data . New Media & Society, 19(11), 1695-1709. https://doi.org/10.1177/1461444816636090 [details]
    • Zandbergen, D. (2017). “We Are Sensemakers”: The (Anti-)politics of Smart City Co-creation. Public Culture, 29(3), 2332-2348. https://doi.org/10.1215/08992363-3869596 [details]


    • Zandbergen, A. D. (2012). Acceleration and Gnostic Timelessness in Silicon Valley: How Gnostic Spirituality has come to Matter in the 'Information Age'. Etnofoor, 24(1), 29-55.
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (2012). Fulfilling the Sacred Potential of Technology. New Edge Technophilia, Consumerism, and Spirituality in Silicon Valley. In D. Houtman, & B. Meyer (Eds.), Things: Religion and the Question of Materiality (pp. 356-378). Fordham University Press.


    • Zandbergen, A. D. (2010). Silicon Valley New Age. The Co-constitution of the Digital and the Sacred. In S. Aupers, & D. Houtman (Eds.), Religions of Modernity: Relocating the Sacred to the Self and the Digital (pp. 161-186). Brill. https://doi.org/10.1163/ej.9789004184510.i-273


    • Zandbergen, D., & Jaffe, R. (2014). Participation: Citizenship, Democracy and Responsibilization. Etnofoor, 26(2), 7-10. [details]


    • Zandbergen, D. (2016). Big data en de Californische ideologie. De Helling, 29(4), 64-67. [details]


    • Zandbergen, A. D. (Author). (2015). The Gr1p Foundation. Web publication/site, Gr1p Foundation. Retrieved from http://gr1p.org


    • Zandbergen, D. (2014). Virtual Illusions: What Psychedelics, the Counterculture and Virtual Technologies have in common. AR[t] Augmented Reality, Art and Technology, 5, 8-11. [details]


    • Zandbergen, A. D. (2017). Cities of Light and Air. The politics of dematerialization in the smart city. Paper presented at Political Materiality of Cities, UvA/CUS, .
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (2017). How to be Smart in the City?. Paper presented at Urban Automation Workshop Sheffield, UK, .
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (2017). The paradoxical political culture of smart citizens. Paper presented at The expansion of the health data ecosystem: Challenges, alternatives and ways forward at Maastricht University, .


    • Zandbergen, A. D. (2018). Prijs voor Publieke Sociologie voor de documentaire Smart City.


    • Zandbergen, A. D. (07-12-2018). Het heeft zin om kritisch te zijn [Web] Financieele Dagblad. Het heeft zin om kritisch te zijn.
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (02-07-2018). UvA-antropoloog: ‘We zijn eigenlijk allemaal digibeet’ [Web] Folia. UvA-antropoloog: ‘We zijn eigenlijk allemaal digibeet’.
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (09-04-2018). Dorien Zandbergen over digitale technologieën en infrastructuren [Radio] Onder Mediadoctoren. Dorien Zandbergen over digitale technologieën en infrastructuren.
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (09-12-2017). Privacy in een stad vol glurende ogen, kan dat? [Print] Trouw. Privacy in een stad vol glurende ogen, kan dat?.
    • Zandbergen, D. (28-12-2016). Big Data en de Californische Ideologie [Print] Bureau De Helling. Big Data en de Californische Ideologie.
    • Zandbergen, D. (14-11-2016). Insert User Podcast. Ethiek van de Startup Scene.
    • Zandbergen, D. (19-05-2016). Interview CNN Documentary on Amsterdam as Smart City [Television] CNN. interviewed by Bill Weir for his CNN program The Wonderlist.
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (01-01-2015). Interview with Dorien Zandbergen about her Smart City film [Print] Institute for Network Cultures, Amsterdam. Interview with Dorien Zandbergen about her Smart City film.


    • Zandbergen, D. (speaker) (27-6-2019). Inclusieve Innovatie, Outsourcing Performance Day , Bussum, Netherlands.
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (keynote speaker) (6-11-2018). Grip op de digitale samenleving, Doxis Seminar 2018: This is now! Welcome in your virtual world!, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (invited speaker) (15-5-2018). Critical Comparative Urbanism: Smart Urbanism.
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (invited speaker) (21-10-2017). Presentation in video installation for the Embassy of Data, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven.
    • Zandbergen, D. (speaker) (18-1-2017). "Against the Smart Citizen" Some critical remarks about digital activism, Smart Citizen Talks – The I-City, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    • Zandbergen, D. (speaker) (4-9-2016). The politics of participatory data-science projects, 4S/EASST.
    • Zandbergen, D. (speaker) (25-6-2016). This Egg says "I care", Disclosing Sustainability conference .
    • Zandbergen, D. (speaker) (21-4-2016). Smart City politics, Design and the City .
    • Zandbergen, D. (speaker) (21-3-2016). Hippies & Hackers, Dries Langeveld Lezing.
    • Zandbergen, D. (speaker) (1-1-2016). 5 screenings Smart City documentaire, Screening of Documentary.
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (invited speaker) (7-12-2015). Smart City. In search of the Smart Citizen, Sensor Makers Event, Nijmegen.
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (invited speaker) (16-10-2015). Citizen Empowerment?, Amsterdam Measuring Event, HvA, Amsterdam.
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (invited speaker) (28-9-2015). LUNÄ Talk over sterfelijkheid en buitenaards leven, LUNÄ Talk, Boerhaave Museum, Leiden.
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (invited speaker) (22-9-2015). Smart Citizens, Minor Creative Cities, University of Utrecht, Utrecht.


    • Zandbergen, A. D. (participant) (12-11-2018). Festival Les Ecrans Documentaires. Screening Documentaire "Smart City. Op zoek naar de Slimme Burger.” (co-productie Zandbergen en Blom) op Festival Les Ecrans Documentaires/ (…) (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (participant) (19-9-2018). SMART CITY. OP ZOEK NAAR DE SLIMME BURGER, Amersfoort, Netherlands. screening en debat Documentaire "Smart City. Op zoek naar de Slimme Burger.” (co-productie Zandbergen en Sara Blom) (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (organiser) (22-3-2018 - 23-3-2018). The State of Cybernetics. The digitization of cities, bodies and communities, Amsterdam, Netherlands (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Zandbergen, D. (organiser) (21-3-2016). People, Data and Power. Many cities in the world are currently ‘upgrading’ into Smart Cities: cities made more sustainable and efficient by means of smart technologies and (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Zandbergen, A. D. (other) (2015). Member, Centre for Urban Studies (other).
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