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Society is under a vortex of fast and unpredictable changes. This shaky future is something we either think about too much or think about too little. The 8 study associations (Sarphati, Machiavelli, Pegasus, Comenius, Mercurius, Kwakiutl, SEC and VSPA) of the FMG (Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences) have organized an interdisciplinary congress about all the possibilities and outcomes of our future society.

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Datum 12 maart 2020
Tijd 17:00 - 22:00

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The conference is structured in 2 rounds of lectures and workshops followed by a borrel. Dinner will be provided at the event.
Members €5
Non members €7

Come and dive with us in the future of Social and Behavorial sciences.


Opening 17:00-17:20 welcome Dean Directors of college + Keynote speaker Joris Mencke
Rec C0.01

Round 1 17:30-18:15

Lecture 1: Pegasus
Lecture by Joris Buis
Topic: The rise of ecology: Complexity cycli, and the resilience

Lecture 2 : Comenius
Lecture by: Joyce Endendijk
Topic: Gender in Parenting

Lecture 3: Machiavelli
Lecture by Tom van der Meer
Topic: Governance in 2020

Lecture 4: SEC
Interactive lecture by: Kobe de Keere
Topic: Future imaginaries on society

Dinner at the Brug 18:30-19:15

Round 2 19:20-20:05

Lecture 1 Mercurius
Lecture by: Mark Deuze
Topic: our lives as lived in the future of media

Lecture 2: VSPA
Lecture by: Mark Spiering
Topic: Sex in 2050

Lecture 3: Sarphati 
Lecture by Jan-Willem van eck 
Topic: Where location takes humans in 2050

Lecture 4: Kwakiutl
Lecture by Jop Koopman
Topic: Challenges of the Anthropocene and the future of Anthropology  

Borrel starting from 20:00 at Cafe De Krater

Keynote speaker ending the event: Joris Mencke