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International experts discuss recent scientific advances on the intersection of mental health research and complexity science. The talks offer a transdisciplinary take on emergent psychopathology and roadmaps to innovative interventions based on complexity science in philosophy, neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry.

Detail Summary
Datum 27 juni 2019
Tijd 09:20 - 18:00
Poster Symposium 'The Emergent Disturbed Mind: From Complex Systems to Action'

The symposium will include:

  • Talks by international experts. 
  • Poster session for work that relates to complexity theory or the network approach to cognitive science, psychology or neuroscience.  
  • Launch of the new Research Priority Area of the UvA 'Urban Mental Health'.
  • Lecture from the Visiting Honorary Chair in Cognitive Science, Dr Greg Siegle (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine), a leading expert in cognitive affective neuroscience. A specific goal of his work is to better understand what cognitive and brain processes predict and change with recovery, and how to improve treatments by targeting these mechanisms more directly.


  • Peter Sloot, Complexity Institute Singapore / IAS University of Amsterdam
  • Paul Humphreys, University of Virginia
  • Miranda Wolpert, University College London
  • Denny Borsboom & Claudi Bockting, University of Amsterdam
  • Rick Adams, University College London

Visiting Honorary Chair in Cognitive Science

  • Greg Siegle, University of Pittsburgh


De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam


The symposium is organised by Claudi Bockting (Amsterdam UMC) and Marie Deserno (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences), in conjunction with the research master Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the UvA Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies. 

Registration and information

Entry is free of charge for ABC members. More information on the programme and registration can be found on the symposium website.