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Actuarial Science

During your studies

At UvA there are all sorts of activities you can undertake during your university years to explore and develop your network, talents and skills.


During your Bachelor's programme, you could put your knowledge into practice by means of a work placement. Internships are not part of the programme, although they can be very useful.

Studying a semester abroad

Studying abroad allows you to get to know a different culture, language and country, and we strongly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity. We have made collaborative and exchange agreements with over a 100 universities abroad, enabling you to study there for a semester.


Dutch language course

Are you interested in learning Dutch? There are different options to give you the opportunity to maximise your Dutch experience and prepare for your future job in the Netherlands.

Study associations

Many of our students are members of a study association. It’s fun and useful for your future career at the same time.

  • Activities

    Faculty student associations are a great way to meet fellow students and future employers. They organise study trips, career events, weekly debates, parties and receptions with drinks. Sometimes you can also purchase your textbooks and course syllabi at reduced rates.

    Join a study trip
    Every year, UvA Economics and Business's various study associations organise study trips focusing on research and/or visiting companies abroad. Students have already travelled to destinations as diverse as New York, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, London and Madrid, amongst many others.

Mario Draghi in Room for Discussion

Join Sefa’s Room for Discussion: weekly interviews with professors, entrepreneurs, economists, politicians, philosophers, CEOs and journalists (on the right is Mario Draghi, ECB president).

Student associations

Amsterdam has a thriving student community with many activities organised outside of the university’s grounds. You will find student associations focusing on networking, specific interests and sports. It is only at sororities and fraternities that you can expect an initiation ritual (hazing).

Student participation

At university, you are entitled to make your voice heard and assess the quality of your own education. Students can participate in the discussion on the university's education policy in various ways, such as by joining the Programme Committee, the Faculty Student Council or the first-year focus group. You can also stand for election and dedicate your efforts to the programme and your fellow students.