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Actuarial Science

Meet the people

What do students think of our BSc in Actuarial Science? Why did they choose this programme and what do they think of Amsterdam?

Daniëlle Ruiter, student BSc Actuarial Science

'I love to explain why something is the way it is'

Daniëlle Ruiter (the Netherlands) feels insurance, pensions and banks are things everyone has to deal with and has an opinion about. 'I love to give background information about current events, explain why something is the way it is and reflect on difficult issues such as pension cuts.'

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Nousjka de Lange, student BSc Actuarial Science

'You use mathematical knowledge to solve current issues'

Nousjka de Lange (the Netherlands) chose Actuarial Science because it is a challenging programme involving a lot of mathematics. 'In the courses you use your mathematical knowledge to solve current issues in everyday actuarial practice.'

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Would you like to know what studying Actuarial Science at the UvA is like? Or do you have any other questions for our students?