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Actuarial Science
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Nousjka de Lange, student BSc Actuarial Science

'You use mathematical knowledge to solve current issues'

Nousjka de Lange - the Netherlands

'The Bachelor's programme in Actuarial Science trains you for the actuarial profession. Actuarial Science is a challenging programme involving a lot of mathematics. My favourite courses so far have been life-insurance actuarial science and general-insurance actuarial science. In these courses, you use the mathematical foundations laid during the first year to solve current issues in everyday actuarial practice. It also addresses ethical issues, such as should a smoker pay higher health-insurance premiums than a non-smoker?'

'I chose the UvA because this university mixes the broad Actuarial Science first-year programme with Econometrics and Operations Research. Furthermore, the UvA is the only university in the Netherlands that offers both the Bachelor's programme and the Master's programme in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance. Amsterdam is a wonderful city to study, live and work in. An actuary's future career prospects are superb, as you can work at a huge range of insurance companies, pension funds and banks!'